Study finds unvaccinated persons over 60 at highest risk


ATLANTA -- If you are over age 60, are you up to date on COVID-19 vaccinations?

The high rates of death from a recent Omicron COVID-19 outbreak in Hong Kong are driven by people ages 60 years and older who are unvaccinated against COVID-19, a new Center for Disease (CDC) study found. The risk of dying from COVID-19 for this age group was 20 times higher among those who were unvaccinated compared with those who were fully vaccinated.

The study found among persons aged at or above 60 years in Hong Kong, 49% had received two or more doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, and vaccination coverage declined with age.

During January–March 2022, reported COVID-19–associated deaths rose rapidly in Hong Kong. Among these deaths, 96% occurred in persons aged 60 and older. Within this age group, the risk for death was 20 times lower among those who were fully vaccinated compared with those who were unvaccinated.