U.S. Sugar Supports STEM Learning and Careers in Aerospace

Posted 4/28/22

Recognizing the need to empower students with skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), the people of U.S. Sugar recently announced a partnership with …

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U.S. Sugar Supports STEM Learning and Careers in Aerospace


SARASOTA  – Recognizing the need to empower students with skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), the people of U.S. Sugar recently announced a partnership with the Teen Aircraft Factory of Manasota.  U.S. Sugar’s support will help provide additional learning opportunities for students, which include assembling airplanes.

“Our state and nation’s future depends on today’s students developing the necessary skills to work in high tech jobs, such as those in the aerospace industry and agriculture,” said Brannan Thomas, U.S. Sugar’s Community Relations Manager. “U.S. Sugar is proud to support this exciting program that is providing our youth with invaluable lessons on building and repairing airplanes.”

“We are incredibly grateful for the generous support from U.S. Sugar, which has demonstrated over its 90-year history that it is committed to technology and innovation,” said Ric Romanoff, President of the Teen Aircraft Factory of Manasota. “With this additional support, we are able to provide more teenagers the opportunity to hone their skills in science and technology.  In turn, these skills may lead them to exciting careers in aviation or they may be drawn to related fields that also can utilize the skills they have mastered.”

“Our company is fully committed to helping students develop the skills they need to work in high-tech jobs,” Thomas added. “We appreciate everything the Teen Aircraft Factory of Manasota is doing to provide opportunities for our future leaders in aerospace and beyond.”

The Teen Aircraft Factory is dedicated to helping teens discover and develop a love for aviation through the building of two-seat airplanes from a kit.  Once these planes are built and tested, they are then sold in order to purchase new airplane kits.  This partnership will ensure teens continue to shape their futures through the development of STEM skills.

About U.S. Sugar

U.S. Sugar is a recognized leader in farming and food production, owned primarily by its employees and charities set up by its founder, Charles Stewart Mott. The Company farms more than 240,000 acres of the most productive farmland in the United States. Its consolidated, automated milling and refining facility in Clewiston, Florida is the world’s largest vertically integrated sugarcane milling and refining operation -- capable of processing 42,000 tons of sugarcane per day and producing ~850,000 tons of refined sugar per year. In addition to sugarcane farming and processing, the company also grows citrus, sweet corn, green beans and other fresh produce. For more information, visit www.ussugar.com and follow on Twitter,  Facebook and Tik Tok.

About Teen Aircraft Factory of Manasota

Since its inception in 2013, many program graduates have pursued careers in Aviation, gone to the college, or have chosen to serve in the military.  Teen Aircraft Factory is a completely free program for teens between the ages of 14-17 and this partnership with US Sugar will help keep it that way.  For more information on the Teen Aircraft Factory of Manasota, please visit https://www.teenaircraftfactory.org/


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