Yoga for Life

Yoga for killer abs!

Posted 5/26/22

What a great way to start each new day with a yoga practice. We have discussed many wake-up poses to begin fresh...

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Yoga for Life

Yoga for killer abs!


What a great way to start each new day with a yoga practice. We have discussed many wake-up poses to begin fresh. Now, we will move into postures for a better night’s sleep which also tightens the abs!

Beginning the day with a yoga practice, releases stored toxins built up in the body and calms the mind for a good night’s sleep at the end of the day. So, roll out the yoga mat and stand tall in the middle as you stretch both arms high into the sky. This pose can be repeated many times during the day as a refreshing break from daily routine.

Step both legs wide apart on your yoga mat and roll the palms out to the sides as you raise the arms. With arms remaining raised, bend one knee to the floor and be sure to keep the back of the leg in alignment with the back of the hip. You can place a soft blanket under the bent knee as you hold this form and feel tension releasing from the hands. When you feel new energy flowing up the arms, tighten and close the fist. Hold this pose for several minutes before exchanging legs and bending the other knee on the mat. Repeat this posture four times on each side, deeply inhaling when you bend and exhaling when you stand.

Change postures and lay with the back flat on the floor. To continue tightening the core, lift the upper torso off the floor and pull bent knees into the chest with arms wrapped tightly around them, pulling the abdominals into the back. With each inhale, tighten the abs and slowly release the tension on the exhale. Repeat this process three times, then lower the body flat on the floor.

This next pose challenges the strength of the core for balance. Observe these practioners in an extended synergy pose with one knee bent and extended arm on the opposite side of the body. The balance is leveled through the abdominal core to keep the back flat using core strength. Hold this pose and breathe for 10 inhales and exhales then switch sides. Do only what you can and work up to holding the pose longer.

Yoga practice is an inward experience manifested into the body/mind to release the thoughts of the world. We let go of the frail self-image: and become strong. Yoga is about visualizing in the mind, a strong physical body then working through postures to create that visualization. Yoga requires practice and concentration to actualize a firm posture when standing, walking, sitting in daily activities. As we actualize a new vision of ourself, yoga becomes a natural way of being. Yoga begins by visualizing strength from within and manifesting it outwardly each day. Yoga is a practice to purify the mind and body, each time we step onto the yoga mat. At the end of your yoga practice, be sure to lie down flat on the back, close the eyes and just breathe. This is part of yoga’s renewal.

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