The Farmacy Smoothie and Juice Bar

Posted 10/9/17

Submitted photo Kerrie Stanford and Melody Paz are ready to whip you up something healthy at Farmacy Smoothie and Juice Bar located in K&M Drugs.[/caption] There are lots of parts to overall good …

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The Farmacy Smoothie and Juice Bar

Submitted photo
Kerrie Stanford and Melody Paz are ready to whip you up something healthy at Farmacy Smoothie and Juice Bar located in K&M Drugs.[/caption] There are lots of parts to overall good health and putting them all together can be confusing. Still, good nutrition is the foundation for it all. Health ideas come and go. Craziness seems to be the only constant rule and there’s always a new take on just what “good nutrition” is. Well, the building blocks remain the same: proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals, fiber. But let’s face it. Some nutrition just tastes better than others. The Farmacy Smoothie and Juice Bar has opened to help you sort through the clutter. The juice bar is located in K&M Drugs, which has been serving area residents’ pharmaceutical needs for years, growing a reputation for honesty and integrity in providing customers’ prescriptions. It seems that every week or so there’s a new “take” on just what good nutrition is and how to achieve it in a fast-paced world. Many ideas come and go – Eat fewer eggs! Eat more eggs! Load up on antioxidents! Grapefruit diets are the answer! Protein diets will get you into shape! Go vegan! The answer is more fiber! Someone always seems to have a “new” exciting pitch on nutrition. Cutting through the hype, The Farmacie Smoothie and Juice Bar has a great way to help local folks get a handle on good nutrition with good ol’ vitamin and mineral rich fruit and vegetable drinks. Whether you’re a nutrition expert or just want an easy, delicious way to ramp up your basic nutritional intake, these all natural drinks can help you to a healthier lifestyle. LaBelle K&M owner Ayman Kaki said he’s added the juice bar as a part of his commitment to his community and customers. “I love my community and this juice bar offers different options to be more health conscious,” he said, adding that there are great restaurants like Forrey’s and the Quart House that offer healthy meals, but this is a quick, on-the-go option for busy residents. Come to K&M’s Farmacy Smoothie and Juice Bar for all vegetable and fruit juices and smoothies, parfaits, quick energy boosters, health shots and protein drinks. Their Go Green and Feel Clean detox offers a great way to cleanse your system. Nectar of Life, Berry Healing smoothies and juices boost your digestive system and supplement your antioxidents, minerals and vitamins – even fat burners! K&M has developed its own delicious recipes from scratch, so you’ll want to try them all. Come on in and meet a new face in town. Manager Kerrie Stanford has been living a healthy lifestyle for years and is glad to be raising her family that way as well. She’s only been in LaBelle a few weeks, but has been a frequent visitor here with great friends. Kerrie has the experience and passion to help guide LaBelle folks to a good start on their nutritional life. Skip the confusing, expensive, trial-and-error period; cut through the guess work. “I understand it’s hard to get into a healthy lifestyle,” she admits. She’s living proof that you can break old habits and learn to enjoy eating healthy. “Everyone can do it,” she added. Start by cutting out the sugar and soda, she said – and watch those portion sizes! People need to learn to cook and eat well and commit themselves to it. The Farmacy Smoothie and Juice Bar is offering a quick, easy way to support that commitment outside the home. You’ve come to trust K&M Drugs for your pharmaceutical needs, durable medical equipment like walkers and so on. You expect K&M to provide Cowboy sports attire, unique gifts and vitamins. Now, you have a new reason to come by. It’s the place to help support your commitment to a “new you” with great tasting and nutritional drinks. Call ahead for your tasty glass of great nutrition and pick it up when you’re ready. And teachers! The Farmacy Smoothie and Juice Bar will deliver to you at school, to accommodate your special work hours. To order in advance call 863-675-0004. K&M is open M-F 8:30-6, Sat. 9-1 and closed on Sunday. According to Ayman, “This is just a new way to help people feel better!”