Florida sees increase in COVID-19 deaths

Posted 8/30/21

Florida averaged 247 COVID-19 deaths per day last week. As of Aug. 26, a total of 43,979 Floridians have died related to COVID-19 since the pandemic started in 2020.

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Florida sees increase in COVID-19 deaths


Florida averaged 247 COVID-19 deaths per day last week. As of Aug. 26, a total of 43,979 Floridians have died related to COVID-19 since the pandemic started in 2020.

According to health officials, the majority of hospitalizations and deaths continue to be among the unvaccinated.

The CDC continues to encourage all who are eligible for vaccination to get the shots.

According to the Florida Hospital Association update issued Aug. 27, 16,163 Floridians were hospitalized related to COVID-19.

State wide, 33% of all hospital patients have confirmed COVID-19; 22.9% of COVID-19 patients hospitalized are in ICU and 17.4% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients are on ventilators.

The majority of Florida hospitals – 75.7% – have critical staffing shortages.

“Fingers crossed, we may be seeing the beginning of a downward trend in COVID-19 hospitalizations, but new cases remain near all-time highs, so it is much too early to declare victory,” said Mary C. Mayhew, President and CEO, Florida Hospital Association in a statement released Aug. 27. “We must remain vigilant, not let our guard down against the virus, and continue to encourage more people to get the vaccine. In the last week we have seen a 4 percent decline in COVID-19 hospitalizations. Hopefully better days are ahead.”

Covid deaths to date in Florida, as of Aug. 27, included:
• Under age 16: 12 (up from 11, previous week);
• Ages 16-29: 244 (up from 207, previous week);
• Ages 30-39: 557 (up from 502, previous week):
• Ages 40-49: 1,493 (up from 1,344, previous week);
• Ages 50-59: 3,554 (up from 3,313, previous week);
• Ages 60-64: 3,225 (up from 3,060, previous week);
• Ages 65+: 34,894 (up from 33,815, previous week).

To date, 1.4% of Floridians who tested positive for COVID-19 have died related to the virus, according to Florida Department of Health.

The majority (90-95%) of those hospitalized related to COVID-19 are unvaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data. While it is possible for a vaccinated person to contract the covid delta variant, most vaccinated people will have no symptoms or mild symptoms. According to the CDC, most of the breakthrough cases occurred in people over the age of 65. Some medications interfere with the effectiveness of the vaccines. (If you are concerned about the effectiveness of your vaccination, your doctor can order an antibody test to determine if the vaccine worked.)

According to the Florida Department of Health report released Aug. 27, Florida had a new case positivity rate of 20.3% for the week (compared to 19.8% previous week).

Statewide 68% of those over age 12 have been vaccinated.

In South Central Florida, for the week of Aug. 20-27:

• Collier County: 72% of those over age 12 are vaccinated; 18.6% new positivity rate; 2,281 new cases for the week (compared to 2,268 previous week);

• Glades County: 48% of those over age 12 vaccinated; 41.6% new positivity rate; 64 new cases for the week (compared to 58 the previous week);

• Hendry County: 52% of those over age 12 vaccinated; 25.3% new positivity rate; 427 new cases for the week (compared to 406 previous week);

• Highlands County: 59% of those over age 12 vaccinated; 26.5% new positivity rate; 1,153 new cases for the week (compared to 730 previous week);

• Martin County: 65% of persons over age 12 vaccinated; 14.7% new positivity rate; 648 new cases for the week (compared to 673 previous week);

• Okeechobee County: 46% of persons over age 12 vaccinated; 14.9% new positivity rate; 534 new cases for the week (compared to 380 previous week);

• Palm Beach County: 71% of persons over age 12 vaccinated; 13.9% new case positivity rate; 8,595 new cases for the week (compared to 9,257 previous week).

Florida has more than 1,000 vaccine distribution sites for eligible residents. Vaccines are free at all locations. To find COVID-19 testing or vaccination sites, go online to floridahealthcovid19.gov.

In Florida, older residents are more likely to be vaccinated.
• 87% of those over age 65 are vaccinated.

• 81% of those ages 60-64 are vaccinated.
• 73% of those ages 50-59 are vaccinated.
• 66% of those ages 40-49 are vaccinated;
• 57% of those ages 30-39 are vaccinated;
• 48% of those ages 20-29 are vaccinated;
• 49% of those ages 12-19 are vaccinated.

Because vaccinated persons may be infected with the covid delta variant and have no symptoms, the CDC advises everyone – vaccinated or unvaccinated – to wear a face mask in public places where it is not possible to maintain social distance of 6 feet from those not in your immediate household.

FDOH no longer releases information on hospitalizations or deaths by county.

For the period Aug. 15-26, Okeechobee County, Okeechobee County Schools had 111 students test positive for COVID-19 including: Central Elementary School, six; Everglades Elementary School, 12; North Elementary School, eight; Okeechobee Achievement Academy, three; Okeechobee Freshman Campus, 18; Okeechobee High School, 16; Osceola Middle School, 24; Seminole Elementary School, five; and Yearling Middle School, 10. For that same two week period, 31 school employees tested positive including: Central Elementary School, two; District Level, nine; Everglades Elementary School, one; North Elementary School, four; Okeechobee Achievement Academy, two; Okeechobee Freshman Campus, one; Okeechobee High School, seven; Osceola Middle School, one; Seminole Elementary School, one; South Elementary School, one; and Yearling Middle School, two.

Glades County Schools' website shows five instructional staff, eight non-instructional staff and 20 students are currently covid-positive. Moore Haven Elementary School has four instructional staff, four non-instructional staff and nine students positive. Moore Haven Middle High School has one instructional staff, three non-instructional staff and 11 students positive. West Glades School has one non-instructional staff and one student positive.

Then Hendry County School District dashboard reports covid-positive students in the following schools: Clewiston Elementary School, six; Eastside Elementary School, three; Westside Elementary School, nine; Clewiston Middle School, nine and Clewiston High School, five. Students ordered to quarantine were: Clewiston Elementary School, 26; Eastside Elementary School, four; Westside Elementary School, two; Clewiston Middle School, 55; Clewiston High School, eight.
Hendry County School staff testing positive included: Central Elementary School, one; Eastside Elementary School, five; Westside Elementary School, two’ Clewiston Middle School, five; Clewiston High School, five.

Palm Beach County Schools COVID-19 dashboard, shows positive cases at the following schools: Belle Glade Elementary School, two school staff, 12 students; Glades View Elementary, one school staff, two students; Glades Central High School, one school staff, eight students; Gove Elementary School, five school staff, eight students; Pahokee Elementary School, one school staff; Pahokee Middle-Senior High, seven students; Roosevelt Elementary School, two students.

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