Yoga for Life: Discovering a new you through yoga

Posted 6/24/22

Life presents a challenge to stay mentally and physically fit when traveling through time and dealing with unexpected situations.

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Yoga for Life: Discovering a new you through yoga


Life presents a challenge to stay mentally and physically fit when traveling through time and dealing with unexpected situations. Human beings have a limited understanding of the total nature of life-giving forces reinforcing healthy habits. However, when a disruptive crisis occurs, anxiety/stress are heightened and fear often takes over. The mind has difficulty sorting through this consciousness to resolve turmoil that can alter health andbehavior, and affect those in close proximity. When negative emotional situations take over behavior, the path to return to calmness and rational behavior is challenging. The quest begins in the mind to create a positive state of consciousness when outside situations transform positive behavior. One pro-active positive action is to reinforce the principals of yoga which involves a daily practice and awareness to re-focus the mind’s energy.

Deep yoga breathing is a beginning to calm the mind; thus, begin each day by standing tall and deeply inhaling/exhaling through the nose. This is the first step in returning to clear thinking. Begin with arms by the sides, extended long with no bends in the elbows and elongating the body by firmly planting the feet into the yoga mat. If thoughts are highly volatile affecting physical conditions, then the assistance of a medical practioner can offer professional care.

Just last week, new and returning yoga practioners, took up the offer of yoga classes at the Shield Medical Group in Sebring, to focus on flexibility, depth of movement and physical ability.

Shield Medical Group offered these first yoga classes, free of charge, to draw in those who are looking to improve their mind, body and emotions. Since this was the first new class that began on Tuesday, June 21, 1 to 2 p.m., we started out by testing the present status of practioners’ movement and flexibility. Some students who attended the class are long time yoga practioners and others were new to yoga. Thus, the first step for new students in a yoga class is “body tuning.” A standing pose that elongates the spine in several directions is warrior pose. This pose is initiated after several forward bends and twists in a seated posture. It is an interesting challenge to rethink the body’s capability and observe any difficulties in movement and or flexibility. This simple practice is always an awakening.

The Shield Medical Group opened the Wellness Center to attract those who want to know ways to maintain health and to attain awareness of medical solutions to chronic conditions that may affect the heart, pulmonary system and other body organs. Combining the search for knowledge with a desire to maintain health is a great combination with the source of physicians at the Wellness Center.

Each yoga class is a progression. New yoga students may have past habits that contribute or do not contribute to wellness in everyday life. Yoga is a practice to open physical and mental awareness to improve habits initiated in everyday situations such as bending, jumping, walking with a tall spine and moving the muscles to increase a healthy oxygen flow through the spine; the life-giving force of the body.

Each person in a yoga class does their own body assessment of their present ability and then initiates yoga postures to improve. Yoga is an individual practice, in a group setting, to observe and support positive structural movements which enhance everyday flexibility. Yoga applies to the mind, body, and spirit as a wellness philosophy of going internally to assess the present status of the body and to seek ways to maintain and improve health.

What a wonderful combination of a yoga practice in the professional environment of physicians that can generate a deeper understanding of the life processes to move forward.