Yoga for Life: Stimulating the life force within

Posted 9/15/21

The life breath within is manifested in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects...

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Yoga for Life: Stimulating the life force within


The life breath within is manifested in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of human beings. It is part of the autonomic nervous system (responsible for control of bodily functions (the nerves that regulate nonvoluntary body functions) of all living entities as part of the evolution of life. By stimulating the life-force (you are increasing the organisms healing power (Hittleman, Richard, “Yoga” Workman Publishing, New York, New York, 1969).

Discriminative awareness involves constant awareness which is part of the practice of Yoga. Every human being is “searching” for meaning in life and to actualize personal well-being.

What is wonderful is that each person has the option to choose their personal path of well-being.

Yoga is a choice that encourages humans to avoid a relaxed reverie colored by anxiety, addition and aversion that can pollute the mind/body. Yoga is an active motivation that encourages discipline, resulting in peace of mind, improved health mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, if these terms are defined in everyday activity and demonstrated.

To initiate the philosophy of Yoga into actualization, there are specific postures to practice. Inactivity of the mind/body creates a stalemate; thus, Yoga is a vital practice to maintain and practice in everyday movement. You do not have to wear long robes, or recite chants, which Eastern Yoginis learn, Yoga is applied to benefit lone term health.

Initiate this Yoga philosophy and release deep lines of facial tension. With an honest evaluation, study your facial expressions in the mirror. Notice if you have engrained lines. Is your smile infectious to others and make them feel better when you greet them? Do you feel better when you turn those frown lines upside down and smile?

To instill a positive physical expression, turn the edge of the lips up. According to various studies, smiling is contagious ( A smile can change the world.

“Smiling activates tiny molecules in the brain that are designed to fend off stress. It also releases dopamine, endorphins and serotine. These neurotransmitters are associated with lowering anxiety, reducing blood pressure, reducing pain and increasing feelings of happiness (http:/, Oct 6, 2017).

Begin by focusing on the tension lines in the face/neck. To increase the blood flow into the upper extremities, lengthen the spine/neck and loosen the shoulders. Next, do the backward bend. Sit on the Yoga mat with legs folded underneath the knees. Lower straight arms on the floor, fingers pointed backwards. Tilt the head to the back and gradually walk the hands further away from he hips, as you lengthen the spine and neck. Open the chest and take five deep inhales/exhales. Breath into the face muscles by opening the mouth wide then lower the shin to the chest. Slowly return the head to center, droop it to one side and lower the shoulder on the same side, then repeat on the other side. Consciously focus on releasing tight shoulders and neck. Relax the space between the eyes pulling away frown lines. Replace restrictive thoughts with relaxed ones that bring a smile to the face.

We control many of our facial expressios by “thoughts.” As the old saying goes: “Smile and let the world go by and take this thought with you on your face!

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