Meet the Firefighter: Taylor Manssuer loves her job


Taylor Manssuer is the first-generation firefighter/EMT in her family. Taylor’s entire family is from Massachusetts, and she was the only one born in Florida.

Taylor attended Fort Myers fire academy for her fire 1 & 2 certifications and MCI in Bonita springs for her EMT certification.

“I have currently been serving the community of Immokalee and Ave Maria for two years and truly love and enjoy what I do. I first got into public safety because I always knew I was meant to care for people and what better way then to become a first responder,” Taylor said.

Taylor’s mother is her biggest inspiration; she works in a hospital in the laboratory doing what she does best and, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, her job is so incredibly important. Taylor idolizes her mother for showing that strength.

“My most memorable moments being at the fire department are the times where I get to educate people on the job of a firefighter. I had the honor to speak in front of students from Immokalee High School and talk to them about ‘pressure’ and what it is like to be a firefighter and a woman in a male dominant profession,” Taylor said.

“Also speaking to the wonderful ladies at the PACE Center for Girls about becoming a Firefighter. This career is a never-ending educational experience and no day is the same”, Taylor stated.

When asked what is her most “favorite part” of the job, it simply boils down to everything. Waking up and going to work is the best part and getting to do the things she loves every day.

A personal award Taylor has received is a Phoenix Award. The Phoenix Award is given when you successfully resuscitate a patient in cardiac arrest.

“What rewards I take away from this job is having the ability to comfort, support and help someone on their ‘worst day,’” she said.

To Taylor, nothing can ever compare to the feeling of seeing someone she has helped in a traumatic situation afterwards. Running into them and knowing they are alive and well because she knows she did something to contribute to their lives is a reward all its own.

“My advice to anyone who is thinking of obtaining a career in public safety is to come into this job open-hearted and willing to learn. This job will change your life forever and you will gain a whole new family,” she said.