Yoga for Life

Age is Just a Number

Posted 5/20/21

A well-known quote is credited to Judge Judy Sheindin: “Age is just a number!” This quote applies to Yoga.

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Yoga for Life

Age is Just a Number


SEBRING -- A well-known quote is credited to Judge Judy Sheindin: “Age is just a number!” This quote applies to Yoga. When focused on a positive viewpoint regarding health and awareness, this quote points to Yoga as a goal to continue growth not imposed by age. A regular Yoga practice has another criterion: Growth through mental awareness and positive practice to maintain health. “Health” is defined by maintaining positive thoughts, movement and a heathy diet. It is about personal “empowerment.”

What is wonderful about Yoga is that each individual determines how they will practice, choosing postures that benefit and align personal awareness to individual postures. Yoga is a practice based on an assessment of physical form/habits and goals then realigning the body for improved health. Yoga benefits are attained with determination, not based on age. Yoga students select a healthy diet and positive point of view to achieve a positive direction. Yoga is not “group think.”

Let’s define today’s Yoga practice to move forward for improved health mentally, physically and emotionally through a basic pose: “Triangle” as demonstrated by Darlene Traylor, Shelly Higgins, Elaine Berringer (not pictured), Lorene Weaver, Elicia Traylor, Deborah Forrester and Sandy Baumann of the 10 a.m. Yoga class at the YMCA. In a Yoga class, each person moves forward at their own pace based on individual flexibility, balance and determination. You may be in a class where you move easily through some postures while others are challenging. Every person has physical limitations in practicing Yoga. We acknowledge our present condition and move forward to improve flexibility, reduce anxiety and grow in calmness. Let’s begin “Triangle” pose.”

A new Yoga class has come together at the YMCA and we are evaluating how our bodies move after perhaps a “not-so-regular” Yoga practice during time off. In every new class, we awaken awareness and share our “revival” with others; a fun way to begin again.

Many Yoga students have learned “Triangle Pose.” Now, we return to perfect it. “Triangle” is a very specific form that requires many small adjustments for proper alignment to gain flexibility, limberness, “staying power” (meaning holding the pose for several breaths) and repeating the pose with improvement. The body follows a mental picture each time we initiate it.

In an Iyengar Yoga practice, created by Indian Yogini, B.K.S. Iyengar (“Light on Yoga”) he emphasizes correct form. Correct posture and proper breathing are not a mental philosophy, it is a “practice” incorporated into every Yoga posture. Yoga is not for the faint at heart.” Any goal worth achieving, especially to improve health, is “precious.”

“Triangle Pose,” begins with a wide legged form, arms outstretched on either side right through the fingertips. The abdomen is awakened with tightness as one knee is bent and the knee aligned with the ankle. It is important to level out the thigh on the bent leg. Hold the pose for several breaths, then relax into it with a gentle smile. A smile reduces anxiety in ourself and others. A smile is encouraging and transmits positive energy.

Yoga is simple, satisfying, fun and healthy. Join a Yoga class with other human beings who share a healthy attitude. Our new Yoga class meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 to 11 a.m. Stay tuned for future classes at the YMCA and awaken LIFE!

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