Yoga for Life: Practicing balance in tree pose

Posted 3/29/23

One of the best ways to establish better balance in standing postures is to practice “Tree Pose.”

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Yoga for Life: Practicing balance in tree pose


One of the best ways to establish better balance in standing postures is to practice “Tree Pose.” In “Tree Pose,” concentration is upon lifting the arms upwards with palms together and rooting the feet to the ground for stability. This is the first step in concentration before moving into the balance of the posture.

As we begin in “Tadassana” or “Mountain Pose, the body stands tall with arms by the sides, back straight with ears in alignment with the shoulders. Close the eyes and concentrate inwardly doing an inventory of the body’s alignment before initiating the posture.

Once the body feels stable with the eyes closed, slowly open them and begin to move into the posture. Slowly lift one leg, bend it at the knee and place it down on the inner thigh. A good way to practice the posture is to turn the body sideways and extend the arm long onto a wall. If you can, place just one finger on the wall with the leg bent at the knee on the outside. Stand tall and straight on the other leg until you can gradually pull up the abdominals for support, then raise both arms out into a “V” and hold the pose. Be sure to keep the hips straight forward. Once you feel a sense of balance with the finger on the wall, move the arms over the head, keeping them straight at first and when the core is lengthened, bring the palms together with index finger pointing upwards. Hold the arms straight and long. After releasing the finger as balance on the wall, inhale deeply, keep the abdominals tight and stabilize the core. When you feel stable, hold the pose and deeply breathe. Slowly release the sacrum downwards.

As stand tall and breathe, be in the moment. Become aware of your balance and what keeps it in check. Avoid any negative thoughts and focus on maintaining your tall posture. Prove to yourself that you are confident and able to hold this pose as you correct any imbalances in your stance. This is the nature of Yoga, putting your in touch with your inner strength and remaining confident.

Experience your deeper commitment to overcome negativity or doubt as your release these invading thoughts from your conscious awareness. Focus on instilling confidence that you can achieve your goal, one pose at a time.

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