Collier mask ordinance extended for 7 weeks

Submitted photo: Alfie Oakes, who has filed a lawsuit regarding the mask mandate, speaks to the Collier County Commissioners about ending the mandate.

On Thursday, September 3, Collier County Commissioners met and again discussed the mask mandate that was currently in place in order to decided whether or not to extend it. They also discussed hiring outside counsel regarding the lawsuit that has been brought against the County by Seed To Table owner Alfie Oakes over the ordinance. The meeting was packed, as many people showed up to voice their concerns.

With a wait of nearly three hours, many stayed and waited for their turn to speak at the meeting. Comments ranged from supporting an extension, because it seemed to be working to flatten the number of positive coronavirus cases, to discontinuing it due to many businesses that were struggling.

After hearing public comment, both in person and virtually, Commissioners Donna Fiala and Bill McDaniel voted against the extension. But the mask mandate was extended until October 22, 2020 by a vote of 3-2.

After hearing the vote, part of the crowd began chanting, “We will not comply No more! We’re done with you!” While others applauded the commissioners for their choice.

Submitted photo: Dr. David Linder from NCH reported that the mask ordinance is protecting the population, during the County meeting.