Hometown Heroes Housing Program helps home buyers

Posted 8/16/22

The last few years have tested frontline workers to the extreme. Working through a pandemic...

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Hometown Heroes Housing Program helps home buyers

LABELLE - The last few years have tested frontline workers to the extreme. Working through a pandemic and supply shortages, all with an impending recession hanging over their heads, they have continued to serve. Now, they are finally getting the break they deserve.
On June 1, 2022, Governor Ron DeSantis announced The Hometown Heroes Housing Program to show gratitude to those who bravely help their communities by making homeownership affordable.
“In Florida, we value the contributions of our police, firefighters, teachers, and nurses,” DeSantis said when introducing the new $100 million program. 
The Florida Hometown Heroes Housing Program is coordinated by the Florida Housing and Finance Corporation and has the most inclusive eligibility out of all down payment assistance programs in Florida.
“The Hometown Heroes program helps those who help us,” local realtor Denise Walker explains. “If qualified, the program will help with the down payment and closing costs in the form of a second mortgage at zero percent interest.” 
If eligible, borrowers will receive lower than market interest rates, and up to 5% of their mortgage loan, up to $25,000, for down payment and closing cost assistance. As Walker explained, down payment assistance will be given as a 30-year deferred second mortgage. 
So, who qualifies as a hometown hero? You may be surprised at how comprehensive the list is. “Day care, home health aides, dental assistants, EMTs, police, fire, phlebotomists, to name a few. If you assist the general public, chances are you qualify. Of course, we can’t forget our active military and veterans,” Walker continues. There are over 50 critical professions listed. 
If you think you may qualify, the first place to start is with an experienced realtor like Walker. A realtor will help you through each process step, making each step as easy as possible. Denise Walker says it’s as simple as making the call. 
“It costs nothing to pick up the phone and call a realtor who can put you in touch with several lenders who work with this program,” Walker explains. “We can help guide potential qualifiers to many lenders that offer the Hometown Heroes program.”
In addition to facilitating discussions with a lender, a skilled agentwill walk you through your options, explain everything during the process, and negotiate on your behalf. “We can hold your hand through the process, with the end result being homeownership! Homeownership is the American dream come true!”