Congregation prays for pastor with COVID-19


LABELLE — Pastor Tommaso Pasquarella is currently in the hospital in Okeechobee, with COVID-19. His doctors have decided to put him on a ventilator to help him breathe.

Pastor Tom, as he is called around town, is in a group of pastors from Okeechobee that have become part of the Eastside Baptist Church family.

“Brother Tom was one of the driving forces that helped us keep our congregation together. After we got a new pastor — one of our own members who became an ordained minister during this process — our beloved brother Mike Stanforth suddenly passed away and went to be with God,” explained Daniel Lee Anderson. “Brother Tom was a great help in comforting us at the church after our pastor and my friend Brother Mike passed away. He reassembled the group of pastors to continue our weekly Sunday morning service.”

“Please put pastor Tom on your prayer list and ask your family and friends to put him on their prayer list, I know how powerful prayers can be. I have seen the miracles prayer can do,” Anderson added.

“We just ask you to please keep him and his family in prayer during this difficult time,” said the Eastside Baptist congregation.

Eastside Baptist is located at 601 E. Hickpochee Avenue in LaBelle.