Bicycles donated to 'Ride to Work' program

Posted 12/1/22

This is the season to give, and Mr. Bob of Bob’s Bicycle Basics did by donating two truck beds of bicycles ...

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Bicycles donated to 'Ride to Work' program

OKEECHOBEE -- Bob's Bicycle Basics donated bicycles to Sheriff Noel Stephens Ride to Work program. [Courtesy photo]
OKEECHOBEE -- Bob's Bicycle Basics donated bicycles to Sheriff Noel Stephens Ride to Work program. [Courtesy photo]

OKEECHOBEE — To kick off the season of giving, Mr. Bob of Bob’s Bicycle Basics   donated two truck bed loads of bicycles to Sheriff Noel Stephen’s “Ride to Work” program.

Mr. Bob runs Bob’s Bicycle Basic in Okeechobee, a bicycle service and repair shop.

Ride To Work program began when a deputy saw a young man wearing a work uniform walking to work. After seeing the same man walking every day, he started talking to him and offered him a ride. He learned the man had no means of transportation. So he got together with some friends and got a bicycle for him,

Sheriff Noel Stephen heard about the story and decided it was a great way for the Okeechobee County Sheriff's Office to help the community.  The Ride to Work program takes bicycles donated by the community and gives them to people who don't have other transportation to their jobs.

"I drive around and if I see someone  in a work uniform walking, I stop to talk to them," explained Cpl. Jack Nash. If the person is walking to and from work because they have no other means of transportation, Nash gives them a bicycle.

"It gives them a sense of pride. They're not walking anymore," he explained.

So far, the Ride to Work program has given away about 15 bicycles, he said. 

"A lot of people want to work but can't get to work in a timely manner," he said. "With a bicycle, they can get to work a little quicker."

Nash said the sheriff believes their job is about giving back to the community. Helping someone maintain employment by  giving them a bicycle is one way to give back.

Got a bicycle in good condition that no one rides anymore? You can donate gently used or new bicycles to Sheriff Stephen’s Ride to Work program by calling 863-763-3117 Ext 5018. Leave a message, and someone will call you back.

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