Bowie family needs community's help

Posted 6/16/22

In May of 2021, Kevin was admitted to the hospital for a routine surgery.

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Bowie family needs community's help


OKEECHOBEE — In May of 2021, Kevin was admitted to the hospital for a routine surgery. Unfortunately, due to complications & multiple life threatening infections, the surgery that should have been a simple “in & out” resulted in a 98 day hospital stay.

Even after being released from the hospital, Kevin continued to struggle with the lasting effects of this surgery. He has had to return to the hospital more than 20 times since being released.
Kevin needs ongoing weekly nurse and wound care, as he STILL has open wounds! He is committed to his PT, & OT, but he still can’t stand or walk long distances as he once could, & though Medicaid supplied him with a wheelchair, they are not able to transport him anywhere without the equipment to carry the wheelchair on/in their vehicle. 
After 26 years of marriage, Jeannette did not hesitate to become his constant caregiver. Unfortunately, this means she is no longer able to work. In addition to caring for Kevin, Jeanette is also an awesome homeschooling mom to their brilliant & resilient daughters, Alenya (12) and Callie (5).
Oh and did I mention, while Kevin was hospitalized, Jeannette found multiple issues with their RV home and needed to complete many renovations, some still incomplete.
They have applied for government assistance and been denied multiple times! Why? Because Kevin receives disability payments, so the state of Florida says they make “too much”! After insurance, medical bills, appointments and multiple prescriptions, not to mention the cost of fuel to go back and forth to these necessary appointments, there isn’t much left at the end of every month!
They’ve made many sacrifices and have found remarkable ways to stretch a dollar. They’ve held steady and have done an amazing job for almost 8 months now making it work, but times are getting tougher!
Even laundry, which needs to be done often, especially due to Kevin’s still open and still seeping wounds, has become a luxury!
Food is being rationed, even by the girls, who shouldn't have to think like this at 12 and 5 years old.
Unfortunately, as hard as they’ve tried, rent payments haven’t always been timely and now they’re also facing being left without a place to call home. For the past few years they’ve made their home in a Florida campground, a campground where the girls feel safe, where they can head outside, have some fun and be kids! They need to be able to stay there!
The system set up to help families in need is failing this family. They need to catch a break! They can’t lose anything else!
I’m hoping that we all can pitch in and make things a little easier on this incredible family, who by the way, still keeps smiling everyday. You’ve heard it before, every dollar counts, and you would be amazed what this family can do with a dollar.
Once their basic needs are taken care of regularly again, Jeanette is hoping they will have a few extra dollars to invest in reviving her old sewing business. If she is able to do this, it will help tremendously in keeping them afloat. She's an amazing sewer and has made many things to help her family through this difficult time.
Please, take a minute and consider helping this well deserving family. Think about how we’re all just one small incident away from being in this situation ourselves. Think about how it would feel to know your community, your fellow homeschoolers, your fellow workcampers, your fellow moms and dads reached out in your time of need and held you up. How they took you through the hardest times and showed you the light. Be a part of the Bowie Family’s light. I know, for a fact, if the shoe were on the other foot, they’d shine their light on all of you!
If you would like to help the Bowie's you can donate here: Support the Bowies
The Bowie family was featured in an Inspiring Okeechobee three years ago. This story can be accessed here:  Bowie Family believes life is an adventure