Code enforcement magistrate hearing planned


OKEECHOBEE —The Okeechobee County code enforcement special magistrate hearing will be in the Health Department Auditorium 1728 N.W. Ninth Avenue on Oct. 20 at 9 a.m.

New business on the agenda includes code violation cases involving the following properties:

• Freddie Phipps and David Shelton’s 151 S.E. 14th Ave. property;

• Martha Hernandez’s 17431 N.W. 292nd St. property;

• Maurice Leuyckx & Susan Jefferson’s 17129 N.W. 318th St. property;

• Robert Allan Dias II’s 15624 N.W. 290th St. property;

• Epaminondas Kyriakidis’s 3269 N.W. 26th Ave. property;

• James Broadmeadow Fyfe Jr.’s 17590 N.W. 292nd St. property;

• Reynaldo Alvarez and Elias Alvarez’s 19215 N.W. 286th St. property;

• Pedro L Alfaro and Mari Ramsey’s 17488 N.W. 294th St. property;

• Kim Underwood’s 20820 N.W. 272nd St. property;

• Hector Pinon Mendez’s 3346 N.W. 30th Ave. property;

• Steven M Scherer and Lynn A Scherer’s 10012 Highway 70 East property;

• Jeff A Brockway’s 10186 N.E. 17th Lane property;

• Jennifer Harden’s 81 S.W. 21st Terrace property;

• Virginia Rodriguez’s 3725 N.W. First St. property;

• Ashley Manchester’s 7176 N.W. 82nd Court property;

• Western Ranches ‘4423 Highway 441 South property;

• Neal Markus’s 3443 S.W. 23rd St. property;

• Lee Cockfield. Lori Cockfield, Stephanie Hughes,

• James Dean Hughes and Anne Marie Dersa’s 937 N.E. 32nd Ave. property;

• Charles Steven Sweeney Jr and Tamara L Sweeney’s 5522 N.W. 20th St. property;

•. Antonio Rivero and Elena Rivero’s 8870 SE 59th Drive property;

• Anita’s Rental Properties’ 4603 S.E. 30th St. property.

Old business on the agenda includes:
Code of Ordinances, Part II

•. Victor Martin’s 8000 Highway 70 East property;

• Robert Allen Wright and Luci Michelle Wright’s 9125 S.E. 62nd Drive property;

• Linda L Frost’s 1011 N.E. 16th Ave. property;

• Barney Stotz and Krista Stotz’s 19875 N.W. 80th Drive property;

• Robert M Kolovrat and Vera C Kolovrat’s 20016 N.W. 266th St. property;

• Rick’s Rentals, LLC’s 3707 S.E. 27th St. property;

• Isabel Leon’s N.W. 34th Terrace property;

• Jimmy Allen Payne and Marianne Vestal’s 801 N.W. 39th Circle property;

• Agustin Gomez’s 3939 N.W. First St. property;

• Agustin Gomez’s 3939 N.W. First St. property;

• Felipe Bucio and Ramona Bucio’s 7890 N.W. 92nd Court property;

• Jennifer Osceola’s 5063 N.E. 122nd Drive property;

• Mitchell Allen Rucks II’s 3307 S.W. 23rd St. property;

• James Frye, Dorothy Frye and Kristie Frye’s 3535 N.W. 35th Ave. property;

• Antonio Prado and Maria Prado’s 3534 N.W. 33rd Ave. property.

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