Corps of Engineers to conduct treatments of floating aquatic plants


In order to meet mission requirements for Federal Navigation and Flood Risk Management, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville District, will conduct treatments of floating aquatic plants (water hyacinth & water lettuce). The Corps area of responsibility includes the south end of the lake from Pelican Bay to Uncle Joe’s Cut including Route 2 from Port Mayaca to Moore Haven and the rim canal from Moore Haven to Old Sportsman’s. Treatment of vegetation will be conducted by a contractor.

Treatments of floating aquatic plants will begin Monday, Feb. 22. The treatment area will include Route 1 (Clewiston approach) section of Route 2, Coot Bay, East Wall and the area between the East Wall and Rita island. This is a follow up treatment from October, which successfully reduced water lettuce in the area. Lettuce and some hyacinth have started to come back and will need to be treated to maintain control. Keeping the plants in maintenance control will help us reduce herbicide use over time.

The below herbicides will be used to conduct treatment of vegetation. All herbicides are approved by the EPA for use in the aquatic environment. All applications will be in accordance with the EPA approved herbicide label.
• Flumioxazin 2,4-D
• ProcellaCOR Diquat

For information, call 904-232-2568; or email; or visit