Jerry Bryant elected Okeechobee County Clerk of the Circuit Court


OKEECHOBEE — Retired County Judge Jerald Bryant won the election for clerk of the circuit court and comptroller by a landslide Tuesday. Of the 15,586 ballots cast, 9,710 or 62% were in his favor. Sharon Robertson, who has served in the position since 1995 received 5,876 votes or 38%.

Bryant retired from the bench in January 2019, but after spending a year living a “life of leisure,” he decided it was not for him and threw his hat in the ring as candidate to run for clerk of the circuit court. Throughout his campaign, Bryant focused on the need for change in the clerk’s office, mainly in the areas of technology and public service. Bryant took the position that everyone involved in the court system has a single goal and that, to accomplish that goal, all should cooperate and work together — the judiciary, law enforcement, state attorney, legal community and the clerk’s office. “I intend to foster that sense of cooperation,” he said.

Bryant stood on his record as a county judge and asked voters to remember he kept his promises as a judge and would do no less as clerk of the circuit court.