Jesus is the reason for the season

Posted 12/14/22

Our world has become Godless. The courts have removed Him from prayer in classrooms...

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Jesus is the reason for the season


Racism, abortion, illiteracy, poverty, pollution, gender inequality, bribes, perjury, sexual perversion, confusion about sexual and gender identities, illegal immigration, sexual and physical abuse, ageism, indifference, materialism, greed, abuse of power..and the list of spiritual and social evil goes on. What has our world come to.

In a book I am presently reading about the wisdom of Archbishop Fulton Sheen, he says, “I wonder maybe if our Lord does not suffer more from our indifference, than He did from the crucifixion.” This is such a profound image that could easily be true. Have we forgotten that God is still in charge? That lesson has been taught to us throughout the entire Bible, yet do we choose to believe it, or just give it lip service? Do we ignore it out of fear? Does anyone of us actually believe that we on our own can solve the problems of the world? We would be only fooling ourselves. Sure, we can do many good things to make the world a better place, but do we really believe we are doing them of our own capacity? We could not draw breath if it were not from the power of God. The talents and gifts that God gives us are to be used for the good of others and never for evil.

Our world has become Godless. The courts have removed Him from prayer in classrooms as well as public institutions; I have heard rumors that they even want to remove God from our money. God is being scoffed at, people have become indifferent to Him, He is being removed from all aspects of our lives, and yet He is our way, our truth and our life. When God is removed from our lives, this is the kind of evil culture and world that exists. Until we all turn back to God and realize that He is the one in charge, things will only get worse. This has been proven in history time and again.

I think one of the saddest things about Godlessness is that children today don’t even know what Christmas is all about. They forget or have never been taught that “Jesus is the reason for the season.” It’s not about Santa, gifts, and shiny lights and Christmas trees. Those things are ok. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t decorate or do some of the other traditional things, but we forget, those gifts were brought to Jesus because it was His birthday! That is what we are truly celebrating, Jesus’s birth. The King of the world, our Redeemer who came to take away the sins of the world. We need Him to be the center of our world and our lives.

This Christmas, and every day, may we draw closer to Jesus. It is only through our love and our worship of Him, that things will work out. We must work through Him and with Him. Remember: God is still in charge! Step by step, may we bring God back in our Godless world. Let us realize how much we depend on Him, and day by day may we draw closer to Him in love and prayer for our world. He alone will guide us and lead us where He wants us to be.

Have a holy, happy and healthy Christmas and a Christ-filled new year.

Jesus, Christmas