JROTC Raiders Program is not for the faint of heart

Posted 11/18/21

The Raiders Program is an integral part of the Okeechobee JROTC

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JROTC Raiders Program is not for the faint of heart


OKEECHOBEE -- The Raiders Program is an integral part of Okeechobee High School's Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC). 

Being a member of the Raiders Team is not for the faint hearted and takes an extraordinary level of committement, discipline and physical courage. As challenging as the program may be, the rewards of being a member of this elite group far exceed the sacrifices made.

The Raider Program is open to all cadets, both male and female, who have a current school sports' physical exam and who have no medical conditions that prevent participation.

The intent of the program is to encourage maximum participation, and the battalion will field as many teams as possible.

Those who stick with the program all season and compete can earn distinctive awards such as a Raider shoulder cord, ARC and ribbon and possibly a varsity letter for two years participation.

Events are designed to test the Raiders' skills, strength, stamina and teamwork across a set of of outdoor adventure tasks. The cadets perform as members of a team in five events which normally consist of :

  • Raider Fitness Challenge - includes various events such as kettle bell carry, log carry, agility run, etc.
  • 5k team run 
  • Tire flip
  • A cross country rescue in which teams carry a dummy-laden litter over and under obstacles.
  • The building and crossing of a one-rope bridge across water or other obstacles

The Raiders' season normally  runs from the beginning of the school year through December/January depending on whether the team qualifies for regional or state championships.  The Raiders' competition is very physical which means Raider training must be even more so.

This season, Raiders conducted intense physical and technical skills training, a minimum of three to four times each week.

Raiders competitions are usually conducted on weekends  so other sports events do not conflict.

Major Donovan Locklear is in charge of the Okeechobee High School Raiders Program. C/2 Lt.s Julianna Perez and Jonathan Flobrecht are  co-team commanders.  Folbrecht also serves as security/intel officer, and Perez serves as personnel officer.

Team members include:

C/CSM Leslie Detzer 

C/PVT Kameron Warmoth

C/Cpl. Felipe Garcia

C/Pvt. Jacob Smith

C/PFC Treyvin Hardin

C/PFC Donald Harris

C/PFC Brian Moore

C/SSG Alexis Hernandez

C/PVT Cynphonnie Cooper

C/PVT Clinton Bast

C/SGT Shania Kent

C/PFC Neaderia Morris

C/PFC Nevaeh Robinson

C/PFC Joshua (Natalie) Villegas