Kindergartner misses crafts, writes Home Depot


OKEECHOBEE — “I love the crafts that you used to do,” wrote 5-year-old Claire Corbitt to her local Home Depot store. “Write a star if you like it or an angry pig if you don’t like it,” she continued. Claire has been going to Home Depot to complete the monthly crafts with her older brother and sister for a long time, and when COVID-19 hit, that was one of the things she missed the most, said her mom. She asked her dad to help her write a letter to the store telling them how much she missed the activity. When her mom asked her about the angry pig, Claire said she intended to draw a bull, but it looked more like an angry pig, so she went with it.

Claire was excited to receive a package from Home Depot yesterday, Nov. 12. Inside the package was a note from Carrie Phillips. It read:

Dear Claire,
“Thank you so much for your note. We are so glad that you enjoy the kids’ club crafts. Here are a few for you to build at home during this time until we get the club back up and running. We do get new ones still sent to our store once a month, so please feel free to pick one up from us so that you can stay on top of your workshop pins. Keep up the great work!”

Phillips signed her letter with a star, and not with an angry pig, and included an invitation for Claire to stop by to see her and the rest of the team anytime.

Claire’s mom said Claire was one happy camper when she opened that package!