Letters to the Editor Public officials should speak out


I fully expect every politician to publicly repudiate President Trump’s incitement of a violent riot and insurrection. The mob was agitated and encouraged by President Trump to violently storm and vandalize the Capitol building and physically threaten our elected officials.

President Trump’s naked, illegal and seditious grab for power, after an officially certified defeat in both the popular vote and electoral college, is on par with a third world dictator. The United States, once a beacon of democracy, has been demeaned and permanently damaged.

Politicians who have held themselves to have higher moral standards (Mayor Watford) or who frequently and loudly praised President Trump (Commissioner Culpepper and Governor DeSantis) have a greater obligation to speak out against President Trump’s immoral and illegal attack on our great democracy. Sedition is a crime. Speak now, or be judged by history.

James Letcher