Live music is making a comeback!


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It is important for everything to remain in balance…not always easy, and to be honest, most of us are barely hanging on…there is so much more to life, right? I mean, aren’t we supposed to be “doing” something about all this chaos and craziness we are all witnessing everywhere lately? Where is the sanity? People talk about mental health, but nobody is really doing anything…Well…

Feedback Productions and Dr Jennifer Cook and her team at Advanced Spine & Joint Medical Center decided it was time to DO something!

The Awakening is designed to bring awareness to mental health and the importance of establishing and/or maintaining a balance of body, mind, and soul to achieve optimal health.

Dr Jennifer Cook will discuss the physical manifestation of pain from anxiety related to adjusting to “the ‘new normal’ way of life.” She will explain how understanding/knowing where pain comes from helps to alleviate anxiety and depression, calm the mind, and allow a natural path towards healing. Helping people understand the physical manifestation of pain is just part of what Dr. Cook’s team at Advanced Spine & Joint Medical Center addresses…they focus on the physical aspects of mind and body then work together to restore the balance of mind, body, and soul.

Governor Ron DeSantis has projected mental health to become the next pandemic to sweep the nation. The daily headlines on all media platforms would suggest…it is already here!

Something has GOT to be done, right? So, what do we DO?

Bring back LIVE concerts events!

People are in dire need of a place to safely offload their pent-up frustration, aggression, and angst! We are all seeing the signs…hot-tempered drivers…fighting coworkers, neighbors, and families… Life is crazy right now in a lot of different ways affecting everyone at different levels…but how do we restore balance?

We realize this genre of music may not be everyone’s first choice…but…there isn’t anything better designed to get rid of your angst than a good ol' head-banging guitar riff…and we also KNOW there is a market out there of dedicated fans who understand the rarity of seeing their favorite bands perform live in their hometown…

All bands performing are established professional Christian artist/bands, who are FINALLY back out on tour after a very tough year, merch tables will be available for each band, this is also a charity fundraiser, and the entire show will be recorded live by a professional webcasting company, then made available on PPV at a later date (TBD). So hypothetically, you could attend this live concert “in person”, and then later, watch yourself attending this concert on PPV.

So come out and get your angst off, Okeechobee!

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