Local business donates flags to veterans


OKEECHOBEE — A local, family-owned business honored several veterans on Veterans Day by giving them both American flags and flags from the branch of service in which they were members. Jonica and Glenn Hough, owners of Ultimate Flags Inc. contacted Gregg Maynard, a local veteran, who is known for helping fellow veterans with anything from building a ramp to obtaining benefits at the VA. The Houghs knew if anyone would know how to contact local veterans, it would be Maynard, and they were right. Maynard arranged to have several veterans meet the Houghs for breakfast at Gladys’ Restaurant on Veterans Day morning. After breakfast, the veterans were each presented with flags.

Mrs. Hough said she wanted to honor the vets, because both of her parents served in the Air Force. The Houghs went to school with Maynard, and said they appreciated all the things they saw him doing for veterans. They see him post on Facebook about helping different veterans and wanted to be a part of that in some way. “It’s the right thing to do,” said Mrs. Hough. “We wanted to show appreciation for all their hard work and sacrifice. I love patriotism and anything to do with honoring veterans. I think it’s the least you can do after what they’ve done for us and our freedom. I’d like to paint the country red, white and blue.” When the opportunity came to purchase the flag company, Mrs. Hough thought it was a great fit.

They purchased the flag company about a year ago from a man who started it on July 4, 1997. It is technically an online business, but people can pick their orders up at the Houghs’ home if they prefer. The Houghs gave away about ten flags on Veterans Day and would have been happy to give away more, but some of the veterans who planned to be there were not able to make it.