Man is rewarded for his kindness by being robbed


OKEECHOBEE — After he allowed a homeless woman to stay in his residence for several days in early December, she reportedly paid him back by stealing his fishing equipment, trolling motor and firearms. The man said he was certain Rachael Hennon, 29, took the items. When he questioned her, she told him she had to go visit a friend and then never returned.

On Dec. 30, Hennon was arrested on narcotics charges and held for questioning on the burglary case. Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Detective Javier Gonzalez spoke with her on Dec. 30 and she reportedly told him she stayed with the man for about a week and a half during the first couple weeks of December, after he found her walking down the side of a road. On the day of the theft, she and a male friend went to the man’s home to collect her clothing, and the male friend took a rifle and the trolling motor. They met with another man who gave them two Dilaudids and two capsules of heroin. She researched the price of the firearm at over $1,200, but told deputies when they met the man who agreed to buy it, she ended up only getting $40.

Hennon was charged with grand theft of a firearm and dealing in stolen property. Bond was set at $5,000.