Okeechobee man charged with disorderly conduct


OKEECHOBEE — Less than 24 hours after he was released on bond, a 23-year-old Okeechobee man was reportedly standing in a woman’s back yard, exposing his naked backside to her and telling her to kiss it.

Ozmani Robles was arrested Nov. 8 by Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Deputy Karson Reno when he reportedly trespassed on his parents’ property. When Deputy Reno arrived, he found Robles carrying a machete. He asked him to throw the machete on the ground, and he did. Deputies Reno and Stephen Paladino attempted to place Robles under arrest, and after a struggle, they got him into the patrol vehicle. He was charged with trespass after warning and resisting arrest without violence. His bond was set at $1,000, and he was released after meeting the bond.

On Nov. 10, at approximately 3 p.m., Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Deputy Richard Varnadore responded to a call on Northwest Third Lane in response to a complaint about lewd acts. When he arrived, he was told by the complainant that she was standing in her back yard when she heard whistling. She turned to look and saw a young male wearing black shorts but no shirt. She said he pulled his shorts down and exposed his buttocks to her, and she asked a family member to call the police.

While Deputy Varnadore was speaking to the complainant, he saw a Hispanic male matching the description she gave come to the fence line. The male could not see Deputy Varnadore from where he was standing, and he reportedly began flailing his arms around in an aggressive manner and cursing, yelling at the complainant for calling the police and threatening to kill her. He then pulled his shorts down and said, “You can kiss this.”

When Deputy Varnadore attempted to talk to Robles, he refused to come to him, but when backup officers arrived, they were able to arrest him. This time, he was charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction with violence and trespass on property. Bond was set at $2,000.