Visitor to Okeechobee grateful for kindness

Posted 3/31/23

On March 28, my 5-year-old daughter and I decided to drive our RV for a 5-hour road trip across Florida...

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Visitor to Okeechobee grateful for kindness


Last night, March 28, my 5-year old daughter and I decided to drive our RV for a 5-hour road trip across Florida to take her mom to a specialty hospital. After dropping her mom off, we headed back home from Miami to Northern Florida which took us through a lot of back country and eventually Okeechobee.

I made a pit stop to get a slushy at a gas station and when I came back out, my RV wouldn’t start. I thought that because I left the key in the ignition, and thought I had too many accessories plugged into the lighter socket and it drained the battery.

I had someone come help me out and thought it was the starter or loose battery cable. We tried to jump my RV with no success even though it had a new battery. We even asked someone else who appeared to have a stronger motor to jump start the battery.

This kid, Colton Courson, couldn’t have been more than 20 years old. He figured it was the AC compressor because he’s seen this problem before. He towed my RV with his truck to the back so I wouldn’t get towed for blocking the pumps and to make sure that my daughter and I were safe.

I tried to give him some money last night but he wouldn’t accept it. He seems to have a real sense of honor, respect and just a real kind heart. You can tell this guy has and amazing family with high core values.

He worked on it yesterday and returned the very next morning to work on my RV even though he had a lot of work to do on his own vehicle. He gave up being with his friends, family and even his girlfriend. He drove me to get the parts that were needed and proceeded to fix my RV spending almost a whole day fixing my RV.

He spent so much time fixing it that his younger brother came by to check on his big brother and then drove my daughter and I to get more parts from the parts store. Even his younger brother helped out and worked on my RV. After a few hours, his mother and grandmother even came by to check on him and help out. None of them would accept my money. He even wanted to make sure that we were ok in the heat while he did all of the work. He was covered in grease before this nightmare of a day was over. He finally fixed the RV and got me back on the road again.

What a great and amazing family. This guy deserves a key to the city. He is absolutely amazing. I asked him why, he responded with, “That’s just what we do."

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