Police should not be defunded

Posted 6/13/22

I hope someone reads this. This whole situation about defunding the police is as crazy as having a birthday party without guests...

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Police should not be defunded


I hope someone reads this. This whole situation about defunding the police is as crazy as having a birthday party without guests, food or a birthday cake. People who are ignorant can often be excused for not understanding a law or a concept because they were not taught any better. However there is no excuse for stupidity and even thinking that we should defund our police makes absolutely no sense at all. Anyone with even the smallest bit of common sense can see what our country would be like without policing. We think that we suffer from crime on our streets now, where in some places people are afraid to go out on the streets and feel safe, how much worse would it be if we had no brave heroes like our police to stop criminals and the crimes they commit?

I’ll be the first to agree that yes there have been occasions when a policeman has been cruel and has used excessive force when carrying out his duty, and they should be duly punished; but compared to all the good decent men and women on the police force, these occasions are exceptional. There are so many more good police out there who do their job while laying their lives on the line every time they respond to a crisis every day, and we want to get rid of them? Think about how wrong it would be. There have to be people who defend and uphold the laws of our land; else the world would be one gigantic turmoil.

Our hearts go out to those who have been victims of cruelty at the hands of the law, and it hurts us and touches us deeply when we see this. We grieve for the families and friends who have also become victims, victims of loss, fear and suffering. But shouldn’t we feel just as equally bad for those innocent police who have been killed in the line of duty and out of a sense of hatred and bigotry. They too have families who suffer loss and grief and are often left without a parent. Shouldn’t our love and sorrow go out to these fine men and women, most of whom go way beyond the line of duty? They are our heroes and they do not deserve to be shot down like innocent animals to the slaughter. If anything, they should have our love and respect. We should be working with them in the battle against crime not against them. We need to help them to get the equipment they need to carry out their work in a safe way.

The answer is not to defund them making it harder for them to carry out their duties, but to support them both financially and respectfully. We should thank God every day that we have these fine men and women who are real heroes in our lives.