Rehabilitated animals are released back to the wild


OKEECHOBEE - Recently, Arnold's Wildlife Rehab released 10 raccoons, seven opossums and two skunks out on  Waste Management property where they can roam free. After recovery from an injury, animals are released into the wild if at all possible.

The rehab was started 27 years ago by Sue Arnold.  The first year, they had 200 animals, and today, they have over 1200. The rehab is suported completely by donations and fundraisers.

The center orders about 800 pounds of meat every week. It’s the same meat delivered to restaurants. They feed the animals raw meat because they need the calcium. They can’t feed them cooked meat, because the bones become brittle.

They also order feed, sweet feed, corn, scratch, parrot food, bales of hay. They feed the monkeys, lemurs, squirrels and raccoons fresh fruit morning and night, and if fresh fruit is not available, they use canned fruit. They also use apple juice.

Any donations of this type are appreciated and they have an account at Okeechobee Feed if anyone would like to just put money on their account. They also need things like baby toys, outdoor toys like swings and slides, walkers and push toys, fans, heating pads, blankets, towels, wash cloths, cleaning supplies. No donation is too big or too small. All donations are appreciated.

The rehab is located at 14895 N.W. 30th Terrace. They can be reached by phone at 863-634-6804