Thoughts on EMS billing

Posted 5/27/22

In the event you’re in need of an AMBULANCE in Okeechobee County provided by Okeechobee Fire Rescue...

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Thoughts on EMS billing


In the event you’re in need of an AMBULANCE in Okeechobee County provided by Okeechobee Fire Rescue be aware that YOUR County Commissioners are going to bill you $500 plus mileage (at about $9 a mile) for the service.

So as a home owner you pay an EMS Assessment of about $109.84 a year which gives the county about $2,104,682.00 in tax for the EMS fire department and you will get billed if you use their service for the above amount. If you own Improved pasture, say 20 acres of land, your Ad Valorem tax is ZERO and maybe $45 total property tax for that land and just vacant land no EMS tax amount either. The pasture you get no fire tax but the vacant land maybe $118.07. The fire Assessment for a home is about $116.97 or an amount collected by the county of $3,740,263; if you call for fire assistance do you also get a bill? I do not think so, so why $500+ for the EMS service?

The commission office bills your insurance, if you have insurance, another cost you’re paying, and if it does not pay it all “YOU MAY BE BILLED”! Of the approximate $2,000,000 they bill they collect about $1,300,000 and because many do not have the insurance, do not pay any property taxes and do not pay the bill sent. The county writes off around $700,000 and the tax payers pay that in the end in the fire budget. Taxes we all pay.


1. If you go to the hospital emergency room : To enter the door bill is about $11,000 and change. Cheaper is a funeral.

2. The new jail, cost #30+ million? How to pay? Another ad valorem assessment for proper owners to pay? Then will you be billed if you call the police for assistance. Maybe bill found guilty inmates?

Just keep building government and taxing the working legal citizens.

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