Woman thanks nurse for saving her brother’s life


OKEECHOBEE — Emergency-room doctors and nurses often experience the bad times in the lives of their patients and seldom get a chance to hear about what they meant to the people they interacted with. Recently, registered nurse Troy White, who works at Raulerson Hospital, was privileged to hear exactly what some of his patients and family of patients think of him, when Amy Hickman, whose brother coded in the Raulerson ER waiting room, posted about her experience on Facebook.

“I just want to give a huge thank you to a Raulerson nurse that was my family’s Christmas angel. My brother coded in the waiting room on Christmas night, and Troy White jumped into action and got him back for me,” wrote Hickman. “I Thank God for Troy and the whole team that was working on Christmas night. I am forever grateful to all of you for the care and compassion you all showed us. Thank you, Troy, for not letting him go on Christmas.”

Hickman’s brother is now fighting for his life in a hospital in Orlando, but without the staff at Raulerson Hospital, this fight would not be possible, said Hickman. “Thank you from our entire family.”

Several others joined Hickman in praising White, and many said he saved their lives as well. “Troy is an amazing nurse. He gives 100% and more for his patients,” said Ann Farmer, and several called him a super hero.

Dr. Saeed Khan said: “Troy is an example for all of us. For those of you who may not know, he was seriously ill earlier this year with a different kind of virus called RSV. He was intubated but has made a full recovery. Rather than feel sorry for himself, he has rededicated himself to caring for our community. Bravo.”

Rather than bask in the glory, White said: “I appreciate the recognition, but it takes a team of talented nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, CNAs and phlebotomists, to help someone and their family in their darkest hour and time of need. It was an honor and pleasure to help you and your brother in your time of need. Raulerson Hospital may be small, but we are a force to be reckoned with. Thank you again for trusting my fellow coworkers, me and Raulerson Hospital, and we wish your brother a speedy recovery.”

White has been an ER nurse at Raulerson Hospital since 2012 but worked in other areas of the hospital before that. He said he enjoys doing what God has given him a gift to do.