Yoga for Life: Fly Like an Eagle

Posted 2/8/23

Eagle Pose,” translated into a Yoga posture is a harmonious pose to enhance well-being and strengthen standing...

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Yoga for Life: Fly Like an Eagle

Eagle pose
Eagle pose
Photo Courtesy Nancy Dale

The East Indian name for the pose shown in the picture by Shield Wellness Center Yoga practioners, Tamra Shafer, Joyce Shafer, Maureen Farley and Susan Kindig is called “Garudasana,” the name of a huge Indian mythical bird known as “the king of the bird community, enemy of snakes and a friend to humans.” There is a lengthy story behind “Garuda” which is said to possess extraordinary gifts. ( “Eagle Pose,” translated into a Yoga posture is a harmonious pose to enhance well-being and strengthen standing balance as the arms and legs are wrapped around each other and the arms are slowly lifted with the index fingers pointed together, upwards. The pose will make more sense when initiated slowly, one step at a time.

“Garudasana pose” gradually lengthens the core as the spine is straightened upwards, holding the palms together in a slow lift. “Eagle Pose” lengthens the shoulders, glutes, upper back, strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, quadriceps and calves. This pose requires endurance, strength, coordination, balance and steady concentration as you deeply breathe.

Begin ”Eagle Pose” from Tadassana, (standing tall), bending both legs with arms extended long by the sides. The next step is to raise the arms forward to shoulder level with palms facing each other crossing one arm under the other, both fingers pointed up to the sky. The legs remain crossed at the knees in a straight line as the body is lengthened upwards. It is important to pay attention to the depth of the breath, so breathe slowly. As you deepen each inhale and lengthen each exhale, concentrate on the lower lungs sinking into the back as you visualize the ribs expanding like the wings of a gliding bird. Become the eagle within. This pose is challenging and beautiful!

Relax as you return to Tadassanna and change the crossed arms and legs to the other side. Hold the pose again on this side and breathe with the eyes closed to maintain balance and harmony within. It is said in Yoga philosophy that this posture awakens an awareness of new thought forms as you expand the wings into a gliding bird, launched with a deep inhale and extending gently out the sides as you deeply exhale.

Concentrate on balance. Stay steady on the left foot, keeping the heel and big toe down. Keep the knees from turning out to the side. Practice extending the core long and tight as the legs are bent.

In Yoga, “visualization” paints a picture in reality. as the in mind shifts to become the actualization of the posture. Yoga, after all, is always visualizing the flow of the body into various slow movements, releasing the feel of mental/emotional tension and expanding energy in the body to allow healing for all parts of the being. Yoga begins with visualization in the mind and is executed through the breath and postures as toxic carbon dioxide waste is exhaled.

As quoted by Patanjali (“Light on Yoga”), just as the wind drives impurities from the atmosphere, deep breathing drives away the impurities of the body/mind. By degrees in darkness, the mind becomes fit and enlightened, banished by the dawn.

A Yoga practice initiates the awakening of a new sparkling day, cleansing the worldly mish-mash and making room for a new unspoiled energy to arise from within. When actualizing a Yoga practice, there a cleansed energy that arises from within releasing the thoughts of the world and manifesting health and wellness integrated into all activities of life.

Enjoy the Yoga journey through the mind/body as you create beautiful body postures. Join us at Shield Wellness Center, U.S. 1 North, Sebring, just past the left turn to Sun and Lakes Blvd.; Shield is on the right.

Life is fleeting, so take off your shoes, spread your mind/body and fly like an Eagle!

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