An open letter to Commissioner Perez, Gonzalez, and former Commissioner Bohlen

Letter to the Editor


Good Afternoon,

I originally requested your official response to the OIG’s Report 2022-0012 that was released on Friday, Sept. 29. I requested your response that same day to your emails. I have not heard from you.

I then sought an official answer to my Letter to the Editor in the local Sun Newspaper published October 2. That email request was also ignored.

I am again including the OIG Report and my Letter to the Editor in this email:,60284

Today, Oct 5, The Palm Beach Post released an article, “Former Pahokee city manager cited in Inspector General report: “How not to do business.”

In this article, Thompson was given another opportunity to comment on the report. He flagrantly has not responded. From the article, “An attempt by The Palm Beach Post to reach Thompson for comment was unsuccessful. The inspector general’s office gave him an opportunity to respond to its findings and he declined to do so.”

Some of my questions which I would like written responses to (if you will not address them in a public meeting):

Will you also blatantly remain silent?

Will you deny the voters, citizens, and public the opportunity to hear your response to this matter?

Do you think it’s hypocritical to comment on past OIG Reports dealing with Williamson but not now with Thompson?

Do you still believe you made the best decision for Pahokee when you voted to make Thompson city manager?

Should Thompson face criminal charges for his actions and will you support them?

In the end, it comes down to 35 simple words:

“Fired Pahokee city manager Greg Thompson got an ATV owned by the city but may have violated state law to get it, according to the Inspector General who cited him for violating the public trust.”

For you as a Commissioner (Perez, Gonzalez) or Former Commissioner (Bohlen, now aide to D6 County Commissioner) to have any credibility, trust, or standing in the community, it is vital that you address this report openly and honestly with the Pahokee public.

Always Pahokee Progress,

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