Business Corner: Townsend & Sons Everglades Outfitters, an unforgettable experience


LABELLE- Families are booking adventures of a lifetime with Townsend & Sons Everglades Outfitters and their alligator expeditions. From hunting to catch and release, or no contact photography opportunities, this local business offers something for everyone.

Townsend & Sons Everglades Outfitters is a family owned and operated, local, small business, with very knowledgeable guides who strive to provide an unprecedented experience.

“Rest assured that your hunting guides share a love for hunting just the same as you, and also enjoy watching their clients bask in the thrill of harvesting some of South Florida's most sought-after game species,” the outfitters said.

These expeditions are not limited to alligators though, “We also offer hunting combinations to meet all of your expectations. some additional hunts to add to your package include Osceola turkey hunt, Asian water buffalo hunt, wild boar hog hunt, or tilapia/frog gigging trip. Combo hunts never fail to create an all around remarkable Florida hunting adventure.”

“Our guides will provide you with any weapon of choice needed on your trip whether it be a rifle, fishing rod, bang stick, etc.” they went on to explain.

“When you arrive we will meet and greet and touch base by going over what size gator you're after and what weapons you'll be using. Our hunts usually start out around 9-10a.m. unless otherwise scheduled to take place earlier or later,”they explained. “After going over the details of the hunt and getting each participants waiver signed, we will then head out and do a spot-and-stalk type hunt. Once we find the size gator you are looking for you will be using offshore sized fishing rods to fight the gator up to the bank.”

“From there on out it is up to you to finish up and collect your trophy by using a rifle handgun, bow, etc.” the guides explained. “When the hunt is finished we will take plenty of pictures & bring the kills to our processing facility to hash out how much meat and what style of mount you desire.”

All hunters are required to have an Alligator Farming Agents license to hunt alligators in Florida. Licenses are available for purchase online at, or at LaBelle Walmart at the outdoor sections counter. The Alligator Farming Agents license cost is $51.50, regardless of residency. Anyone wishing to hunt alligators needs to have one of these two licenses, except youth ages 15 and younger, who are exempt.

For more information about what Townsend & Sons Everglades Outfitters has to offer, visit them online at: or call 863-517-4570.