Code enforcement sweeps Hendry County


CLEWISTON — During the unusually brief Oct. 14 regular meeting of the Hendry Board of County Commissioners, code enforcement was the main topic of discussion. Staff and commissioners discussed the proposed “sweeps” that had been happening, with the goal of cleaning up neglected properties and bringing all properties into compliance.

To combat compliance issues, informational door hangers have been placed on properties that need action, in order educate people about property maintenance. Code enforcement has been reactivated, and the special magistrate has had between 70 to 80 cases scheduled once a month.

The board and staff discussed that no mowing violations were being dealt at this time, unless another problem existed on the property. This was due to the wet season and problems people have had with getting grass mowed.

Commissioner and Vice Chair Emma Byrd District 1, commented that the mowing issue needed more attention, as she has fielded complaints from the community about empty lots that have not been regularly maintained and the grass had grown waist high. Commissioner and Chair Mitchell Wills District 3 agreed the matter needed more attention.

The discussion turned to the need for more staff to address the mowing issues due to the amount of time and work that would increase. The code enforcement staff consists of three staff members that are already spread thin with the current case load. They continue to have a lot of new cases coming in due to the implementation of the sweeps plan. Code enforcement plans to add information to the staff report regarding how to improve upon the current system, in order to address the issues.

A bid for Construction Services for the Fort Denaud Cemetery Expansion Project was also approved during the meeting.

The total meeting time was less than 20 minutes.

The Commission’s regular meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month at 5 p.m. in the Clewiston City Hall, Commission Chambers, 115 West Ventura Ave., Clewiston, and each fourth Tuesday of the month at 5 p.m. in the Hendry County Courthouse, Commission Chambers, 25 E. Hickpochee Ave., LaBelle.

These meetings are broadcast live via Facebook, and videos of past meetings are available for viewing on the official Facebook page: