COVID-19 death numbers for small counties still unclear

CDC site lists "less than 10" deaths in past seven days for counties around the lake


More COVID-19 information is being released for Florida, but the information is still not complete. In some cases, the vaccination numbers are lower than the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) information released a week ago.

According to the Centers for Disease Control website, updated Sept. 14, Okeechobee County had 371 positive cases in the past seven days. COVID-19 deaths for the week are “less than 10.” The report shows 33 new covid hospitalizations in Okeechobee County in the past seven days, and 45% of the population over age 12 vaccinated with at least one shot. The Florida Department of Health (FDOH) report from Sept. 9 showed 47% vaccinated.

For Glades County, the report shows 50 cases for the past seven days and “less than 10” deaths. Hospital admissions are “N/A” since Glades County does not have a hospital. The report shows 32.4% of eligible Glades County residents vaccinated. The FDOH report from Sept. 9 showed 50% vaccinated.

Hendry County had 408 new cases in the seven day period and “less than 10” deaths. It shows 57.3% of those over age 12 have at least one vaccine shot. In the last seven days, 55 new covid hospitalizations were reported. The FDOH report from Sept. 9 showed 55% vaccinated.

The total COVID-19 deaths on the CDC chart are lower than the numbers released by the FDOH in June for Okeechobee and Hendry counties. The information for Glades County is blank.