Gator Canal Bridge replacement project speed limit reduction posted


The speed limit on Immokalee Road for the Gator Canal Bridge Replacement Project’s construction zone was reduced from 55 mph to 40 mph by the Board of County Commissioners on Nov. 10. The construction zone is approximately three miles east of Oil Well Grade Road and signs advising of the reduced speed limit are now posted. Enhancing the safety of the traveling public as well as construction workers during the needed bridge replacement project is the reason for the change.

The bridge replacement project, which began construction last month, is in the process of removing a functionally obsolete bridge that was built in 1955 with a new bridge that will include two, 12-foot wide through lanes and 10-foot wide shoulders on both sides. Two-way traffic continues to be accommodated during the demolition and re-construction process without a detour. But speeding vehicles can seriously hamper the construction efforts.

The reduced speed limit is in place through construction completion which is expected in winter of 2022.

Drivers are reminded that speeding fines are doubled in construction zones when workers are present. Speeding fines in construction zones range from $153 to $453, depending on the speed and could include a mandatory court appearance. Electronic message signs advising of the speed limit change are assisting with notifying the traveling public of this temporary speed limit reduction.

The approximately $1.4 million project is being handled by Thomas Marine Construction, Inc. Funding was allocated from gas taxes.

For more information, contact Community Liaison Connie Deane at 239-252-8365.