Golf cart drivers under age 18 must have learner’s permit or driver’s license

Posted 5/26/23

CLEWISTON – The City of Clewiston allows golf carts to be operated in many residential areas.

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Golf cart drivers under age 18 must have learner’s permit or driver’s license


CLEWISTON – The City of Clewiston allows golf carts to be operated in many residential areas. Golf carts must be registered and drivers abide by city ordinance and state law.

“Operating a golf cart will soon have new legal requirements you need to know. While previously operators could be 14 years old, the new law requires every operator that is under 18 to have a learner's driver's license or driver's license. In addition, all operators 18 or older must have a government-issued identification with them while operating the golf cart,” the Clewiston Police Department shared May 26 on social media.

“Golf carts have been operating in the City of Clewiston and many other communities safely. The police department does and will continue to educate and enforce the law,” CPD added.

The city website explains:

 The City of Clewiston Commission by way of ordinance has granted the citizens of Clewiston approval to operate golf carts on designated streets once certain requirements have been met. Operators must possess a valid driver's license.

Only registered, properly equipped golf carts may be operated on city streets. The City and the Clewiston Police Department ask for your assistance in making this program a success by obeying all traffic laws and operating carts in a safe and courteous manner. Do not allow unlicensed individuals to operate your golf cart. Please respect other motorists by traveling as far to the right of the road as is safely possible.

Do not operate golf carts in parks, on sidewalks or trails, on private property without authorization or on state or county roads. Please be vigilant of conditions surrounding you during operation, drive defensively and be mindful that golf carts are not constructed to sustain impacts and may be susceptible to rolling over.


All golf carts must be equipped with efficient brakes, reliable steering apparatus, safe tires, a rearview mirror and red reflectorized warning devices on rear of the cart. Headlights, brake lights, tail lights, turn signals and a windshield are required for carts operated on the designated city streets between official sunset and official sunrise. All required equipment must be in good working order.


  1. Only golf carts that meet the definition of a motor vehicle that is designed and manufactured for operation on a golf course for sporting or recreational purposes and that is not capable of exceeding speeds of 20 mph will be permitted. Golf carts shall not be modified to have increased power.
  2. Off highway vehicles such as ATVs, ROV's or OHM's are prohibited from driving on city streets unless registered and licensed by the state for highway use.
  3. Golf carts shall be operated on city streets in accordance with Florida Statute section 316.212, State Uniform Traffic Control Laws.
  4. Golf carts are generally operated between official sunrise and sunset however golf carts equipped with headlights, brake lights, turn signals and a windshield may be operated between the hours of sunset and sunrise.
  5. Golf cart operators must have in their possession a valid motor vehicle driver’s license authorizing motor vehicle operation in the United States.
  6. Golf carts may only be operated by a licensed driver.
  7. Golf carts shall not be operated on bicycle paths, trails, sidewalks or state or county roads.
  8. Golf carts must be operated as close to the right-hand shoulder or curb of the roadway as possible.
  9. The driver and passengers must be properly seated at all times while the golf cart is in motion. DO NOT EXCEED THE NUMBER OF SEATED PASSENGERS FOR WHICH THE CART IS DESIGNED.
  10. Any person found to be in violation of these rules or any laws of the State of Florida shall be subject to fines or penalties. This shall include non-criminal infractions and uniform traffic control and traffic infractions including DUI.
  11. Failure to comply with this City Ordinance and/or laws of the State of Florida may be grounds for revocation of a golf cart registration whether the owner or another operator is operating the golf cart. The golf cart owner and or the violating operator may be restricted from obtaining golf cart registrations in the future.
  12. Golf carts shall not be operated at an excessive speed or in a reckless manner or in a manner that endangers a pedestrian, bicyclist or motor vehicle.
  13. All Golf Carts operated on any city streets shall be insured for liability.
  14. Golf Cart operation is only allowed on city streets designated by the City Commission. It is the operator’s responsibility to obtain and be familiar with the most recent map of designated streets. These maps are readily available at City Hall.

Registration will be required prior to operation on designated city streets. Registrations will expire on Dec. 31, of each year. There will be a $20 annual registration renewal fee and such fee shall not be prorated.

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