Hateful internet commenters rebuked by McKinlay


WEST PALM BEACH — Almost no sooner did Commissioner Melissa McKinlay tell of her 19-year-old daughter’s plight — being hospitalized in Orlando after sudden intense leg pains and a positive coronavirus test — than some Internet trolls started posting ignorant comments on an old video of hers on social media.

Those comments, unworthy of being reproduced here, irked McKinlay to the point of using strong language in her own social media post Thursday morning, Sept. 17.

“To All the A------s out there who think my daughter’s old video lip synching a silly song with one of her best friends that she recorded with her roommate in her living room a few weeks ago, who assume WRONGLY that she was out in Orlando while having COVID, you are SICK. You somehow think she deserved to get sick and end up in an ER with suspected blood clots? While you all complain about wearing a mask? You are disgusting. And I pray you aren’t parents.

“Does it make you feel better to stalk the social media post of a teenager? Does it make you feel better that she got dangerously close to a life-threatening symptom because of what? An old video?

“Get your facts straight. Get your priorities straight. And leave my child the alone.

“My God, the hate in this community is absurd. You should be ashamed of it.

“I don’t give a damn if you don’t vote for me again. Your vote isn’t one I want.”

The commissioner for the western communities of Palm Beach County represents some areas that have become coronavirus hot spots, including the Glades Tri-Cities.

McKinlay was receiving a lot of public support online from constituents agreeing with her.

One commenter, Catherine Shore Martinez, posted: “I am so, so sorry to hear you and your daughter are being trolled. If I run across the video I will report it.”

Richard Hardy wrote: “When they go low, and it comes to our kids, the gloves come off. Prayers for your kid!”

Tracy Edick said: “You’re the best. Don’t let these trolls faze you.”

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