Hendry County studies rural broadband feasibility


HENDRY COUNTY — Lack of access to broadband internet has been an issue for rural communities across Florida, and the pandemic has amplified those issues. Having reliable, high-speed internet access could resolve problems for small, local businesses struggling to attract new business, students finding difficulty in keeping up, patients trying to access telehealth services, and employees who are trying to work from home while managing households and staying safe and healthy.

Hendry County leadership has been working on this issue with Magellan Advisors LLC and has been asking residents for their input.

“Magellan Advisors are studying the feasibility of improving broadband and other types of connectivity for Hendry County, working directly with top county personnel. Agriculture is a critical economic sector for Hendry County. We would like to know about any issues, needs or opportunities for better connections in the local agricultural sector. We welcome input from producers with sites in Hendry County even if their HQ/primary locations are elsewhere,” explained Greg Laudeman, a senior consultant for Magellan Advisors LLC.

Laudeman suggests one way residents can help get better broadband is to complete the Hendry County Broadband Survey. He asks for input by Friday, Aug. 28, as it will go directly into their assessment and the county’s broadband development plan.

The survey can be found online at survey.hendryfla.net.