Letter to the Editor: Important Warning:


Everyone should read this who shops online, over the phone, or via any other electronic device that isn’t face-to-face. This is especially essential if you’re using a credit/debit card to complete your purchase, and never, ever give anyone your information on any of your bank accounts.

The scammers and rip-off people have fine-tuned their processes and even sell your information to other crooks who also sell it.

Unfortunately, we have reached a time where our entire savings and financial security can be taken away, leaving us with nothing but a very difficult process to start saving all over again.

My name is John Gurney, and I’ve been pretty much housebound for the past couple of years. This has given me the time and opportunity to study this nightmare in depth and learn how these crooks are operating. Unfortunately, they are very hard to locate and pin down, much less prosecute and send to prison. I understand there are far too many of them to ever be able to stop them, so the only true answer is for all of us to be extremely vigilant and go over our records and accounts on a regular basis. Please… Don’t ever think it can’t happen to you or any of your family members.

I’ve heard terrible stories of people who have committed suicide because they cannot see how they can ever recover from being wiped out financially.

Please don’t let this happen to you or anyone you know.

Stay safe and check and recheck your records often.

John Gurney