Letter to the Editor: Why we vote for president Trump and not Biden

Posted 1/22/24

I am perplexed at a previous author’s failure to fathom the popularity of our 45th President Donald Trump.

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Letter to the Editor: Why we vote for president Trump and not Biden


Re: Rebuttal to Negative  Opinion on President Trump published Jan 2, 2024

I am perplexed at a previous author’s failure to fathom the popularity of our 45th President Donald Trump. Perhaps he enjoys the notion of some 10 million unaccounted illegal aliens invading our border, unending wars around the globe, galloping inflation, rocketing interest rates, government intrusion into every aspect of our lives. We live in the free state of Florida. That may not last if we stumble into re-electing Joe Biden, a career criminal, political grifter and mentally incompetent compulsive liar as President.

Joe Biden, aka “The Big Guy,” threatened to withhold money to Ukraine if they didn’t fire a prosecutor targeting his son Hunter’s firm, Burisma. We have seen the receipts from tens of thousands of dollars laundered to Joe Biden. Yet Democrats say there’s nothing to see here. At the same time, Joe was holding large stashes of sensitive government documents at multiple locations including his garage in Delaware. They didn’t send the FBI swooping in on Joe. They politely asked. Joe was not President when he took the documents, and thus did not have any authority to possess them. Nothing to see here, says a special prosecutor.

Turn the page to Donald Trump. Soon after he announces another run for the White House, an FBI SWAT team storms into Mar a Lago…rummages through Melania’s lingerie drawers, Barrons bedroom, and pulls out boxes of documents some of which were from Trump’s Presidency. They claim he broke numerous laws. No other President has been accused of this because Federal Presidential Records Act affords due deference to departing Chief Executives.

Mounting evidence now clearly reveals that January 6 was a set-up. We have since learned that the FBI had as many as 200 undercover operatives mixed into the crowd. Capitol Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd, which had been peaceful prior to the provocation. President Trump had offered 10 thousand troops to Nancy Pelosi. The Capitol Police Chief asked for them. They were denied. Nancy’s daughter had a documentary crew creating a propaganda film on scene that day. President Trump told the crowd to go “Patriotically and Peacefully” to make their voices heard at the Capitol. The J6 Committee excluded Republicans except for 2 rabid Never Trumpers and excluded evidence that didn’t fit their preconceived narrative. Before the GOP Congress took over, Democrat J6 Chairman Benny Johnson destroyed many of the files. However, release of additional J6 videos show the whole insurrection narrative is a myth. Trump is not an insurrectionist. Quite the opposite. Stealing an election is an insurrection. Hiding evidence is further proof of that.

The Atlanta RICO case is a study in exquisite irony. The DA Fani Willis and her boyfriend special prosecutor have been funding lavish romantic getaways on the public dime while prosecuting Donald Trump and numerous others on trumped up racketeering charges, claiming they tried to rig and election that evidence now shows was rigged against Trump. Further evidence shows that Willis and her boyfriend prosecutor colluded with the Biden White House on this case. The prosecutors may well be fired, disbarred and the case thrown out for misconduct and miscarriage of justice.

The New York civil fraud case is a case of rabid political targeting. New York Attorney General Letitia James ran on promises to “get” Donald Trump. This is an absurd Kangaroo Court, run by a judge who clearly holds personal animus towards the Trump brand. He found him liable for fraud before even holding a trial. The overwhelming evidence has shown there were no victims, all loans were paid as agreed, and no fraud occurred. The judge has committed multiple legal errors in this non-jury proceeding with the ultimate aim of putting the Trump empire out of business and putting a thousand or more people out of jobs in New York. This is not going to end well for the judge or prosecutor.

Trump knows how to run a business. He knows how to run a country. He is the only man in recent times who has entered the White House far wealthier than when he left. He put his life, his fortune, his family and everything he hold dear on the line for America. Those who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome apparently relish their misery. The rest of us want Trump back in the White House to save this country from the radical left, woke, Marxist mob and make America great again.

Rome transitioned from a democratic REPUBLIC to an empire after Julius Caesar who himself was assassinated. During the course of the Roman Empire, 37 Emperors were assassinated, and 175 others overthrown. None was removed by impeachment. The empire was riddled with corruption. Bribery, sexual misadventure and outright corruption was rampant among the rulers of Rome. The masses were bribed with bread and circuses. The patronage system was born in ancient Rome, It’s not exactly a role model for the American Constitutional Republic that emerged from the genius of our founding fathers who devised checks and balances to curb the hunger for corruption.

As for the Athenians, the progenitors of democracy, Plato’s Republic imagined an ideal government run by a benevolent dictator with guide rails to protect against the excesses of mob rule that can result from pure unabated democracy.

While the American Revolution inspired by our Declaration of Independence eventually gave birth to our Constitution and Bill of Rights, even that was not a perfect document. We endured a tragic Civil War before additional rights of equality were codified by the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments.

The French Revolution beheaded a King and Queen, but the radical mob rule that followed replaced a royal reign with a rain of terror leading the mob back to another dictator in the person of Emperor Napoleon.

The Hebrew nation was not a Republic, but a kingdom. There was no such thing as impeachment in that time. It’s also fair to remind folks that the only perfect man to walk the face of the Earth was “impeached” to borrow the phrase of a previous author, and put to death on a cross.

Now, some two thousand years hence, let’s address one of those imperfect leaders who kept America out of war, who brought inflation and interest rates to the lowest levels in decades, who brought historic middle class tax cuts and deregulation freeing the engine of American enterprise, who achieved historic lows in unemployment among blacks, hispanics and women, who secured our border, who made America energy independent, who got our NATO Allies to pay their fair share, who secured the Abraham Peace Accords in the Mideast and moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem, and who restored America as the shining city on a hill.

Donald Trump made promises and kept them. He was rewarded with a torrent of fake news, lies and vitriol. General Mike Flynn was set up on phony charges because he had the goods on the deep state. The Hillary Clinton campaign cooked up the phony Steele dossier and the Russian Collusion Delusion led to an impeachment acquittal, and later admissions that it was a hoax. The same for claims of 51 “Intelligence Chiefs” who falsely labeled Hunter’s laptop as “Russian disinformation.” Let’s not forget the still unsolved murder of former DNC operative Seth Rich, who leaked Hillary’s emails to Wikipedia.

So then came COVID and Dr. “Trust the Science” Fauci’s fear mongering myths about social distancing (he now admits he pulled it out of thin air), face masks, and the mandatory clot shots that neither prevented you from re-infection or from infecting others. We have since learned that Fauci helped use US tax dollars to fund the virus research in the Chinese lab that unleashed the Frankenstein plague on the world. COVID was the pretext that gave Democrats the opportunity to manufacture thousands of votes in half a dozen states in the dead of night to change the outcome of what would have been a Trump reelection victory. The courts would not hear many of the challenges, but the evidence was overwhelming. We’re now beginning to see startling admissions of that, 3 years too late to undue the untold havoc wreaked by Biden’s malevolent incompetence.

If I may be so bold, I predict that these 91 counts cited by the media mob will fold like a house of cards. The Supreme Court will weigh in and remind us all the the 14th Amendment does not disqualify Donald Trump, because only Congress and the Constitution can do so. He has not been convicted of insurrection and no such charge has been laid. He was impeached and acquitted twice, and I further predict the federal cases will collapse on their flimsy premises and Constitutional frailties. The fraud case against Trump is itself a case of judicial fraud.

The ultimate jury in this judgement should be the people of the United States. If they are afforded an honest election this time, they will deliver a landslide victory declaring that Donald J. Trump deserves to be the 47th President of the United States.

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