Meet the Fire Fighter David Lees JR a third generation fire fighter


David Lees JR was born and raised in Fort Myers. David is a third generation fire fighter and has been serving Immokalee Fire since 2015. He also builds and installs signs on his days off from the fire department. He is also the father of two year old son,

David is a Florida State Certified Fire fighter “and some certifications I have include Pump Operator, Aerial Operations, FLUSAR vehicle and Machinery Rescue Technician and FLUSAR rope and trench operations.”

“I got into public safety field after high school and completed fire school in 2014. My inspiration came from specifically my dad who is retired Lieutenant from Bonita Springs. My grandfather and uncle were also in the fire service so I grew up around the firehouse and liked the camaraderie,” David said.

One of David’s most memorable experience was when the department was deployed to assist with Hurricane Michael. “It was amazing experience working with all the different departments and meeting new people in the fire service,” he said.

David’s official title is Driver Engineer and his favorite part of job is the camaraderie at the firehouse “and everyday when I come to work there is a new challenge, it’s never the same old stuff like an office job and what’s unique about Immokalee is the diverse call types we run.”
David has the following awards two Phoenix awards, two unit citations and two disaster response ribbons.

David’s advise to anyone interested in a fire fighter career, “Go to school listen to your teachers and parents always and don’t worry about things you can’t change, do your best to be happy. Also never forget one of my favorite quotes ‘The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, it’s green where you water it.’”