New youth group focuses on community service

Submitted photo: the first Kid’s Club of LaBelle meeting was held on June 20.

LABELLE - The Kid’s Club of LaBelle is a local youth group for children ages 8-18 that meets twice monthly. The first meeting of each month focuses on community service, and the second is a “fun day.” The group was inspired by fallen Officer Julian Keen, and his own project, The Gentleman’s Club.

“The dream is to be able to get a building one day that the kids can socialize, study and lean on one another while creating that trusting bond with other adults in the community. We have had a few teachers reach out to us and offer tutoring to a child in need,” said Paige Tyree, who founded the club with her husband Travis.

“Everyone in LaBelle has hashtagged #BeLikeJulian at least once in the last few weeks. Travis and I want to go beyond that hashtag and show our youth just how to be like Julian. Even though we will never be as pure as our small town hero was we are striving to be as close as we can,” Paige Tyree explained.

“We will serve our community in clean ups for individuals and public areas once a month, then the second meeting for the month will be an outing such as bowling, beach day, canoeing, or just a simple BBQ with good company,” said Paige. “To join in on the fun day trips you must complete the community service activity that month.” Tyree went on, “When school is in session we hope to work with all LaBelle schools, if you are written up for discipline you will be excluded from the fun day that month. We expect all youth to have respect for one another and the adults volunteering.”

The Kid’s Club of LaBelle held their first meeting on June 20, 2020. The Tyree’s reported four youth signed up. “First meeting went very well. first and foremost I want to thank all the parents that brought their kids out to participate with this club. I’m really excited and proud of what we’re all trying to accomplish in our community. The Kids Club. #belikejulian” Travis Tyree posted in the club’s Facebook group.

“Roland Seras, age 10, came and cleaned up the street with us. Hunter Tyree, age 8, helped clean as well,” Paige said. “We had two more show up after we was done cleaning. Jayden Pequeno, age 8, and Bryce Rodgers, age 12. All 4 boys and their siblings enjoyed a game of wall ball before we ended the meeting.”

Interested in joining? “Come to a meeting. Parents must fill out a few forms. Until the volunteers have had background checks, we require at least one parent per family to stay. If younger then 8, siblings are present at this time that is ok,” Paige said. “We currently only have a Facebook page. If this takes off we will file for a 501c non profit and a make it official.”

For now, they are asking for donations. “We need donations of snacks and drinks for the youth after clean ups or on fun days. We have a fundraiser campaign going on our FB page right now with apparel.”

“Our mission in this group is one close to what Officer Julian Keen had has a life mission,”
Paige said. “We want the future of LaBelle to be loving and respectful of ones self and other. To do this we as the influencer’s, adults, parents, coaches, etc. need to show our youth, not just tell them, how to be the best they can.”

Parents interested in finding out more may contact the Tyree’s to ask questions, by emailing: They can also call Paige: 863-517-0168 or Travis: 863-517-9533