Public invited to learn about new utility meters


CLEWISTON -- The City of Clewiston invites the public to attend AMI Day to learn about its new electric and water systems and its benefits to customers on Monday, May 15, at City Hall, 115. W. Ventura Ave., from 4 – 5 p.m.

Clewiston Compliance Manager Lynne Mila said the event will be an opportunity for customers to learn about how the meters work and how they can address data coming from the meter.

“With this information they can better understand their consumption and options for becoming more energy and water efficient,” she said. “They will also learn about how the system will improve our utility response times and streamline our operations. We can also talk about the budget, financing, and the return on investment. We’ll also answer any questions.”

Mila said the event follows a presentation by Clewiston Utilities about AMI during the recent Sugar Festival. A sales representative was present to answer questions, pass out printed materials and demonstrate the meters with a board powered to illustrate the meter functionality.

South Florida Account Development Manager for Sensus Mark Costello will be speaking at the event.

Mila said customers today are tech-savvy today and have responded positively to the new meters, appreciating the enhanced service they get with AMI (advanced metering infrastructure), which is a system of water meters, data management systems and communication networks that allows two-way communication between utilities and end users. The utility can use the data for operational improvements, monitoring water usage and system efficiency as well as detecting malfunctions and irregularities.

The project is financed with a grant and a low interest loan, Mila said. There will be no rate increase due to the meter swap.

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