Sanitized, energized iTECH registering now


Immokalee - In the last five months has Covid-19 turned your world upside down? Have you or has someone in your family lost a job or been laid off? Do you worry how you are going to pay your bills? Covid-19 has forced our “normal” way of life to change. What is your “new normal” going to look like? Make your “new normal” include a career that can turn your life around. It’s easier than you think! With a telephone call or a couple clicks of the mouse, you can get a career that will make your “new normal” the best change you ever made!

Just call Immokalee Technical College at 239-377-9947 or visit to see how quickly you can enroll. The pandemic won’t stop iTECH! We are sanitized and energized and registering students now for the fall semester which starts August 12. Confronting Covid-19 head-on made us stronger than ever.

The college has been sanitized from top to bottom. Common areas and classrooms are cleaned daily, and we have designed the entrances, exits, and classrooms to accommodate social distancing. In addition, iTECH instructors have incorporated innovating teaching strategies to respond to the new normal in education.

ITECH offers training in sixteen different high wage, high demand careers. Whether you are interested in computer and business technology; personal and human services; healthcare; or transportation and industry, iTECH has a program for you and guarantees that you graduate debt free.

Itech academic advisors will meet with you and guide you in choosing the right career path to ensure your success, while the financial aid department assists you in obtaining grants and scholarships to pay for your training. ITECH is dedicated to giving you a debt free quality education.

Prior to graduating, internships and on the job training prepare you for real-world experiences. No more worrying about if you might lose your job or get laid off again. iTECH’s programs are recession and pandemic proof. All of iTECH’s career offerings are in high demand occupations.

ITECH has a placement advisor on campus to help you with resume building and finding employment. Instructors invite employers to the college to interview and hire graduating students. The college boasts a placement rate of more than 90% overall with many programs achieving 100% placement of all graduates.

If you are the adventurous type, your iTECH education and training qualify you for career opportunities you might not have thought about. A culinary arts graduate can create a savory entrée on a cruise ship just as well as in a local restaurant. International hotel chains employ cosmetologists and cyber security experts. You can be employed at a hotel in Naples, or you can request to be transferred to one of the hotels in an exotic location. Just sayin’!