Use of facial coverings and social distancing on county property


In response to the Governor’s order 21-102 issued May 2, 2021, to suspend all local government mandates in place due to COVID-19 and in a continued effort to protect employees and the public, facial coverings or masks will continue to be required by employees and the public while conducting business in county buildings. The county will continue to follow all CDC guidelines and executive orders.

County Facial Covering and Social Distancing Revised Policy
Issued 05/05/21

Until further notice, it is the county’s policy that individuals must wear a facial covering or mask and social distance from other individuals while indoors on county property. County property includes all county-owned and county-leased buildings where Palm Beach County’s offices, divisions, departments or Constitutional Offices conduct business.

Further, in accordance with federal regulations facial coverings or masks are required on all county operated transit. Law Enforcement is authorized to issue a trespass warning and remove any individuals not in compliance with this policy.