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One visit to McCarthy's Sanctuary will leave you wanting another

WEST PALM — Once you visit McCarthy’s Wildlife, you will want to go back again and again.
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Flamingo Gardens is home to many unique attractions

Flamingo Gardens in Davie is another beautiful attraction within easy driving distance of Lake Okeechobee.
This is one of the unusual cats you will see at Panther Ridge.

Panther Ridge is a 'must see' attraction in South Florida

Loxahatchee, Florida is home to a unique attraction many do not know exists.

Destination: McKee Botanical Garden

McKee Botanical Garden in Vero Beach is a lovely place to visit and began with the intention to cultivate citrus.

Coral Castle continues to amaze visitors

Coral Castle in Miami stands as a monument to a heartbroken man's lost love, and is a roadside attraction unique to Florida.

Visit Solomon's Castle, home of the "Rembrandt of Recycling"

Tucked away in the Florida woods, one man built his own castle and filled it with his artwork.