Yoga for Life: “Ageless Body; Timeless Mind,” Deepak Chopra

Posted 10/25/21

Yoga dates back 5000 years ago to evolve individual consciousness or harmony

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Yoga for Life: “Ageless Body; Timeless Mind,” Deepak Chopra


The earth is 4.5 billion years old; humans have inhabited the planet for 6 million years, learning how to build tools, create civilizations and adapt to their environment (

“Homo Erectus,” an ancestor to modern humans, arose at least 1.8 million years ago when archaeologists found evidence of shifts in brain and body size; in ancient hominins. Homo Erectus - or upright man - had a long reign. (www.livescience)

As time passed, new human philosophies arose such as yoga. Yoga in Sanskrit means Yuj, to join. Yoga that dates back 5000 years ago and as a practice to evolve individual consciousness or harmony between the mind, man and nature. Yoga is also commonly understood as a therapy or exercise system for health and fitness. A yoga practice is the application of postures in daily activity, incorporating a healthy diet, as well as improving flexibility of the body/mind, movement/mobility and how to maintain a healthy continence.

Today’s yoga practice works on flexibility of the core in the posture, “Revolved Side Angle,” which requires the core/abdomen to twist and loosen constricted energy in the spine. This posture awakens the flow of oxygenated blood throughout the body, incorporating deep breathing moving into and out of the postures and holding the pose to discipline the mind as the body loosens and gradually becomes more flexible. Each Yoga posture awakens individual awareness about present physical limitations and how to slowly evolve through them.

“Know thy self” is an old axiom of truth. Yoga is not about age but new mental/physical discoveries unveiled to the mind each time the yoga mat is rolled out and practice begins. Learning the body’s potential/present limitations is a discovery of untapped potential and a lifelong journey to remold the mind/body/emotions.

“Revolved Side Angle” pose begins from Tadassana or Mountain Pose. First, stand tall, arms by each side, lengthened with a straight back and balanced stance. Once this is achieved, the posture work begins with folded hands in front of the heart and extending one leg back while bending the knee of the other. The folded hands move to one side, as the body twists on that same side. The head follows the hands. It is a goal to level out the thigh of the bent leg, keeping the knee over the ankle. This form takes practice with concentration, a key to moving out of past habits and establishing fresh learning for stability, balance, lengthening of the legs and slowly breaking through the stationary habit of an inflexible spine. The body is nourished by fresh oxygenated blood, moved by the breath, through the body, for nourishment/renewal and to loosen tight muscles/tendons that begins with a tight mind.

First, practice one side, holding the pose, then return through the same steps back to Tadassana before initiating the same move on the other side. This is a great pose to include in a daily yoga practice. Each posture, when repeated, is eased into with focus and visualization. Yoga increases the life force which means increased energy and power for the entire organism. This process raises the vibratory frequency and self-awareness. Once the mind refocuses on positive growth, new habits take shape that are beneficial to the life force and negative habits gradually become “the past.” The renewed “life-force” magnetizes the mind/body in a healing direction of a new, positive way of life. life feeds upon life. Take up the chalice and follow your renewed instinct unveiled in a yoga practice.

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