Healing the mind and the body

Yoga for Life

Posted 1/13/22

Thinking is a product of mental focus that manifests in the body. If you think you are sick, you probably will be. If you think and visualize wellness...

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Healing the mind and the body

Yoga for Life


Thinking is a product of mental focus that manifests in the body. If you think you are sick, you probably will be. If you think and visualize wellness, the mind manifests an image of health. Wellness as you focus and practice to actualize this belief in everyday activity. Despite conditions we may be born with or contract over time, every human being wants to be healthy and deal positively with infirmaries and physical conditions.

A healthy human being is the most desirable condition for each person. This ideal changes throughout life due to illness, accidents, disease and other conditions that we do not consciously choose but need to confront and positively deal with. We have a choice of mental awareness, to be the best we can, despite conditions. This attitude takes strength and practice.

Many people are drawn to Yoga, when in dire straits, hoping to find a way to grow and be happy despite unexpected limiting physical/mental/catastrophic negative occurrences that turn the mind into discouragement. We may not be able to turn back the clock, so we have to find a way forward to create joy and happiness despite circumstances that we may or may not have intentionally generated.

Yoga provides a way to move positively forward by refocusing the mind and moving the body into a healthy mindset to create an alternative reality. Yoga is a philosophical awareness to consciously move positively forward in spite of debilitation mental/physical/emotional blockages. In Yoga, we realize that we may not be able to change unexpected circumstances, but we can change ourself through thinking, action and practice.

Yoga is a series of postures that requires concentration, focus, awareness to discover healing ways to move forward. Jon Kabat Zinn, author of “Mindfulness Mediation in Everyday Life,” reveals lessons of practical knowledge to inspire change, emphasizing that “wherever you go, there you are.”

Kabat-Zinn discusses “fear” and how to move onto a positive path. One conscious awareness to develop is thinking/acting upon positive word choice in evaluating our condition that will manifest in positive or negative outcomes. If we tell ourself that life is hopeless, once again, we may become what we think. Thus, thinking positively and taking action to manifest positive energy can be a new health direction to break negativity.

Yoga is a practice on the path of healing energy. Yoga emphasizes actions/ principles that instill a positive direction. Yoga is self-therapy that emphasizes execution of healthy thinking, alignment of the body/mind to achieve a new direction of realistic goals. Yoga postures emphasize behaviors to practice in everyday activity. As a fresh start, begin with “Dolphin Pose” to challenge negative energy patterns. Accept the physical challenge and do whatever you can with a positive attitude. Start by lengthening the body, lying flat on the abdomen, legs extended to the back, toes curled, palms of the hands clasped under the chest. Slowly, with concentration, lift up the chest/core and move the body forward over hands resting on the forearms in a diamond shape. Keep the legs extended long in the back.  Next, pull the body back and raise the buttocks hold the pose, then slowly move back and forward at least 5 times. This pose strengthens the upper body and requires concentration. When you concentrate on yoga postures, you can think of nothing else.

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